How to Trim a YouTube Video

How to trim a YouTube video

Suppose you find video content on YouTube that you really like and want to share with your friends or colleagues. But you just want to show them a specific part of that video. However, the YouTube server allows you to share a link to the entire video with them. Then force them to watch the whole video. Annoying right? Now it doesn’t have to be because you can download and trim a YouTube video with zero editing skills on different platforms.

Let us jump to the post to know how to edit a video on YouTube.

How to Trim a YouTube Video and Download

There are many ways to trim YouTube videos to share with your friends so they can also enjoy the content you’ve watched. You can also download it to save them on your phone and watch them offline later.

Remember that you can’t download and convert the videos without the content creator’s authorization because it’s against YouTube’s terms of service, even if it’s a podcast, a movie, music, or any other content. First, make sure the creator allows downloads from YouTube.

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Trim a YouTube Video on iPhone

Trim a YouTube Video on iPhone

Just like Windows and Mac, you can cut someone else YouTube video with the help of an iPhone in-built editor. iPhone’s in-built editor is best for simple editing like cutting videos. Utilize the following steps to cut a YouTube video on your iPhone with a few clicks without using the tools.

  • Unlock your phone; go to the downloaded videos in your photos app.
  • Hit on the edit option in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Tap on the video camera icon in the menu at the bottom of your screen.
  • Utilize the yellow slider to cut the wanted part of the video, then click on done.
  • Hit the save video option to save the edited video as the only one on your phone. Or hit the “save video as new clip” button to create two copies of the original and trimmed YouTube videos.

How to Clip YouTube Videos on an Android Phone

This method is much like iPhone. You can use an Android in-built gallery app for basic editing like trimming and cutting the videos. Follow the below-mentioned steps to trim a video with your phone’s inbuilt YouTube cutter.

  • Unlock your phone; go to the downloaded YouTube video in your gallery app.
  • Hit on the scissor icon or edit icon from the menu bar.
  • Utilize the blue slider to cut the wanted part of the video and save it separately.
  • Once you’re done, hit on the tick icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Now that your edited video is ready, you can send it to anybody you want or save it for future use.           

How to Trim a YouTube Video on Windows    

You don’t need to download any software or tool on your computer because the Windows in-built video cutter is good for basic editing. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Turn on your device and find the downloaded YouTube videos in your files.
  • Select the video, right-click it, tap the open with option, and choose photos.
  • After opening the video, hit the pen icon at the bottom right corner and click trim.
  • Utilize the white slider at the base of the screen to select the part you want. The blue slider will assist you in cutting the videos at specific timestamps.
  • After cutting the part you want, hit the save as option at the top right corner.
  • To save your edited video select the place, enter the name of the file, and hit on the save option.

Is There a Way to Trim YouTube videos on Mac

Trim YouTube videos on Mac

The Mac’s built-in QuickTime Player can help you trim someone else’s YouTube videos (like crop the subtitles). Apple advances this app, which is included in every Mac by default. Follow these steps to trim YouTube videos on Mac via a free video cutter.

  • Launch the QuickTime video Player, or search in the spotlight for the app. You can also find the app with the help of the finder app located in the Dock.
  • Find the downloaded YouTube videos in your file.
  • Then hit on file and hit on the open file.
  • Next, select the video you want to trim from the location of your Mac.
  • Keep the video open; click the edit option at the top of your screen.
  • Hit on the trim or press the Command + T keys on your keyboard.
  • Utilize the yellow bar to choose the part you want to cut. Outer, the yellow bar will delete.
  • After selecting the part, you want, hit trim on the right side of the slider.
  • To save the edited video, click on the file and click on the save option.

How Long Does It Take to Trim a Video on YouTube

The trimming time of a YouTube video depends on the quality and length of the video and the complexity of edits you require. Suppose you want to make a vlog-style YouTube video and send concise high-quality footage to your editor.

So, you can expect a final result fairly quickly, but if you include a clear narrative structure and want only basic cuts. While if you need to go through 10 hours of raw footage, fix low-quality audio and video quality and add classy special effects transitions and voiceovers, it will take much more time and money.

However, high-quality footage does not always shorten turnaround time. But if you use a high-end camera, your files will be larger and take longer to transfer and render. The editing time also depends on the experience and skill of the editor.

10 Best YouTube Video Cutter Online

With the improvement of the internet’s latest technology and social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok), people are more interested in video advertising. For this reason, the popularity of YouTube is growing.

However, if you want to be an expert on YouTube, you should have to learn how to cut YouTube videos online. Here we mentioned the top free 10 best online video cutters to trim YouTube videos.

  1. YT Cutter
  2. Kapwing
  3. YouTube trimmer
  4. Joyoshare Vidikit
  5. Videsolo Video
  6. HashCut
  7. imovie
  8. Flixier
  9. VEED
  10. FlexClip Free Video Trimmer

How to Edit YouTube Videos in KineMaster

  • Launch the KineMaster app on your device.
  • Click on the plus icon you will see in the middle to create a new video.
  • Then a pop-up page will appear on your screen. Here chooses the aspect ratio for your content.
  • After that, tap the media option, and select the video you want to edit.
  • Now tap on the scissors icon you will see at the top right side to launch the trimming options.
  • Here trims your video and crop the unwanted sections of the video.
  • After completing the trim process, export your YouTube video by clicking the export option.

How to Edit YouTube Videos on PowerPoint

Edit YouTube Videos on PowerPoint

If you’re struggling with editing YouTube videos with PowerPoint without any editing software, here you can find it.

  • Inside PowerPoint, choose the video you wish to Edit or Trim.
  • The video tools section will show you in the toolbar.
  • Hit the playback tab in the Editing group, then click on the trim video.
  • Utilize the green slide bar to select the starting part of the video.
  • Utilize the red slide bar to select the ending part of the video.
  • Then hit on ok.

How to Trim a YouTube Video in Google Slides

  • Launch the google slides application on your device. Here tap on the blank page to initiate the process.
  • Now you are at the untitled presentation page. Here tap on the insert option you will see in the options bar to trim video in real-time.
  • Here selects the video option from the pop-up menu list options.
  • After that, paste the YouTube URL you want to trim in the search bar.
  • Your selected video will appear on the slide page. Right-click on the video and select the video options from the pop-up menu list.
  • Then a video options panel will appear in the left panel here, and you can edit and trim your video as you want.
  • When you are done, just close the video options panel, and the video changes are saved automatically.

How to Trim a YouTube Video in YouTube Studio

  • Launch the YouTube studio on your device.
  • Choose the content option from the left side menu.
  • Now tap on the title of the video that you want to edit.
  • After that, choose the editor option from the left side menu.
  • In the video editor section, you will see a blue box; here, select the scissor icon.
  • Then slog the sides of the blue box.
  • Halt when the box is covering the portion of the video that you want to keep.
  • After that, tap on the save button when you have done.

In Conclusion

This page describes how to trim YouTube video clips step-by-step guide. Before downloading and converting the video, ensure the content creator allows downloads from YouTube. Otherwise, you can’t download the video because it’s against YouTube’s terms of service.

We hope this page will help you trim YouTube videos on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android and edit YouTube videos on PowerPoint. We also mentioned the 10 best free apps to trim YouTube videos online; use those sites to edit your videos.