How To Turn Off Apple TV With or Without Remote – Easy Ways

how to turn off apple tv
how to turn off apple tv

Unlike other television devices, the Apple TV has no command button to turn it off. Apple server has no strategy to add this feature in the upcoming days. So how do you suppose to turn off your Apple television H.D.? Basically, there are numerous stress-free techniques, tricks, and substitutions to do it. Furthermore, you can do it automatically or robotically. So scroll down to know how to disconnect your apple television with or without a remote and how to fix a sleep timer on your television.

How to turn off your Apple TV with a Remote

how to turn off subtitles on apple tv
how to turn off subtitles on apple tv

To switch off the Apple television, first of all, you have to distinguish which apple television remote you are using because closing your apple television slightly depends on the model of the remote you are using. Suppose you are using an older model of apple remote, so it is typically stress-free from the latest Generation. Here we have mentioned below tricks for all the models of the remote.

  1. Turn off the 1st Generation Apple Television Remote

1st Generation apple remote or Siri remote has a glass touch, and its case color is black (aluminum). On the remote, the power button is not available. You will see a home button that looks like a home icon instead of it. So how to switch off your Apple TV? ( Follow the steps.

  • Press the home button unless you will see on your screen a window on the right side of the television.
  • On the pop-up window, select sleep That’s it.
  1. Switch off the 2nd Generation Apple Television Remote

The 2nd Generation of the apple television remote is straightforward because it has a particular button to close your iOS television. You must just press the power button from your remote until the television is turned off.

  1. Turn off the Updated Generation Apple TV Remote

Supposing you have a newer model of apple remote and you want to close your television. But there has no power-off button. So here are the steps you have to follow in that situation.

  • Go to the main menu on your Apple television.
  • Now press the play/pause button until the television sleeps.

Fixed the Sleep Timer to Switch off The Apple Television

In apple television, there is another feature that allows you to sleep on your tv. When you fit the sleep timer, it will automatically turn off your tv. To arrange the sleep time, do follow the steps.

  • Open the Settings app option from your apple television.
  • Here in settings, click on the general
  • Then select the sleep after
  • In the (first and second Generations) of apple television, this option is entitled Stand by.
  • Here set the time duration as you want.

In the time duration, you see an option between never, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, and 10 hours. If you select the option, your T.V. will never turn off until you do it yourself. On the other hand, if you choose any other option, the television will switch off accurately after interacting with it.

How to Switch off the Apple TV Without a Remote

how to turn off voice over on apple tv
how to turn off voice over on apple tv

Uncertainty your apple television remote is not working, there is an alternative to switch off your apple television without getting up from the couch, so don’t hesitate because the Apple server allows its users to control the apple television with iPhone or iPad as a remote.

The apple tv allows its users to control it with iPhone or iPad. But first, you must connect both of the apple (television and Phone) devices. After that, follow the guide to learn how to set the iPhone or iPad as a remote to control your Apple television.

  • Open your iPhone or iPod device.
  • Navigate to the settings
  • Then tap on the control center.
  • In control, the center selects the (+)
  • Here tap on the remote app
  • Now select your Apple television. That’s it.

NOTE: If it will request you for verification, type the four-digit code you will see on your Apple television.

Automatically Turning Off your Apple Television

The Apple TV will automatically switch off when you are not watching any show. But the device has to estimate some things to turn your screen off. So follow these tricks if you want to close (automatically) your Apple television.

  • If you leave your apple television on the main menu screen for a long time, the device will auto calculate that you have been absent and close the screen.
  • So when you have watched any video on your Apple television and then press the home button from your remote, it will automatically be turned off when the device calculates that you are not there.

Reasons: Why is my Apple TV Not Turned Off Automatically?

Are you curious why your apple television is not switched off automatically? Here below is the guide we instruct you few reasons for that.

  • When you open your T.V to watch a particular video on YouTube, you want it to close mechanically when you leave. Still, unfortunately, it would not because the YouTube server is playing the next video automatically and then another one.
  • Another reason your Apple television will not be closed automatically is that when you are playing a video from any channel and leave it at the end, the YouTube server is playing another video of that channel and keeps playing.

NOTE: If any of these methods, tricks, and alternates are not helping you out with this situation, simply unplug or disconnect your Apple television from the leading PowerPoint.


In this article, we shared all the details of how you can use your Apple TV remote. As a bonus, we also tell you how you can close your television automatically. So let us know your opinions on apple television. And if you know any other method to turn off the apple television in the comment section.