How to Utilize Technology to Become More Organized

Technology trending
Technology trending

We’ve all experienced times when we couldn’t find the keys, and you could have sworn it was in your pockets or show up late for an appointment because you couldn’t just keep track of time. As humans, we tend to be disorganised, and most times, we usually have our parents, partners, or friends to remind us of the most important things. However, what happens when we have no one to remind us of the doctor’s appointment or take the rubbish out or get groceries while coming back from work? We can rely on technology to assist and keep us notified of our schedule.

Technology has undoubtedly made life easier and more convenient for millions of people around the world. From smartphones to automated vehicles and online games, convenience is just at a fingertip. Apart from ordering online, technology can help keep our lives and schedules organised. Gaming online has also been made easier thanks to technology. Amazon Slots provides some of the best new vibrant slot games onlinewith great features. Click here so you can spend some time with your favourite online casino.

This article discusses some of the ways to utilize technology in our daily quest to remain organised.

Online Calendars

An online calendar helps keep track of everything: meetings, date nights, laundry days, picking up groceries, project, and assignment deadlines, and so much more. Syncing up the calendar with your mobile phone ensures you’re properly notified and reminded. Setting reminders a few days or hours before an event gives you enough time to prepare.

Apple devices automatically sync the digital calendar if there is an existing account with Apple. Android Operating System also comes with a calendar app where users can note down important days or events. Google also has a Google Calendar App, and those with a Google account can download the app on either Google Play Store or the Apple App store. The Google Calendar App automatically syncs all entries on the calendar with the device.

A digital calendar is a must-have, and if the device and calendar are synced, you will be notified of all calendar entries.

It’s simple: just turn on notifications, and you’ll have no more excuses for delays and forgetfulness.

Notes and Reminders

Just as their names imply, Notes and Reminders are the perfect apps to make a list, write out chores and daily or weekly tasks and be reminded of all things written out on the Note.

Notes help make lists of things to be done, and you get to include images on the list. You can also create a checklist and share the link via text, social media, or email.

Reminders assist you in creating a schedule, keeping track of it and staying on time. You can repeat the reminder, and schedule it to notify you days or hours before the actual schedule.

Timers and Alarms

Getting out of bed in the morning, for some people, can be taxing, especially on a cold morning, when you want to do nothing but sleep in. To avoid showing up late for every event, making use of a clock and alarm is your surest bet. This way, you get sufficient time to prepare for work, gym, meetings, or lunch break.

The app is also great for people who find themselves always going to bed late and end up getting very little sleep. The clock can be set to a ‘bedtime alarm’ before going to bed and can be changed to suit your schedule. The clock notifies you to begin preparing for bed, and this encourages getting into bed early enough for sufficient sleep. Couple this with your smart home setup, and you have a game changer.

Productivity Applications

Several apps help remain organised and increase productivity. Some apps assist in maintaining good habits and provide organisation suggestions and daily tasks to accomplish. There is a plethora of these types of apps on the Google Play store for Android and the Apple App store for iOS users.

There may be a need to test out several apps first and settle on whichever works best for your personal needs.

Online task planning tools

One of the major ways of being organised is setting out a basic plan and then working through it in small achievable daily or weekly tasks. All tasks lead to a goal: an organised and detailed life. As with every other thing online, there are mobile applications, tools and software that assist in creating a plan and sticking to it.

Google Drive is one of the common ways people ensure files, documents, sheets etc., are organised and kept safe.

Trello is another app which requires users to create dashboards with separate boards for different tasks. Every board can be personalised to suit your preference. On Trello, you can attach all boards, documents, images, links, and share boards with others through social media and other sharing platforms. It also allows you to create a checklist and notify you of any changes on the boards. Apart from personal use, Trello can be used as a workspace for businesses and organisations.

Fitness Organisation Apps

Keeping fit is important as it promotes a healthy lifestyle. However, it can be tough keeping up with fitness goals and schedule plans. Therefore, fitness apps are necessary, as they help keep your schedule tidy and organised. Some apps assist in planning meals that match your personalised fitness goal. These apps also ensure your progress is constantly monitored and give detailed reports on fitness progress regularly. Some watches that do this are Samsung Watch, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and other smartwatches that can be synced to a device or smartphone.


Remaining organised has tremendous benefits, not just to an individual’s social life but overall health. Being organised reduces stress, helps you to sleep better, increases productivity and encourages a healthier lifestyle. Employing the use of technology ensures every detail is well planned out, thereby ensuring you’re never late and you always get enough rest to begin the next day with sufficient energy. Sounds like a plan worth making!