How to Win Fortnite (15 Incredible Strategies for Victory)

how to win fortnite
how to win fortnite

Do you want to know some tricks to win the Fortnite game, as it is complicated to win a game alone? Although, in a battle royale game, 100 players land on the island, playing against each other to get the Victory. Fortnite is one of the handiest competitive online games, but don’t be fooled by its attractive visuals and pop-culture crossovers.

The game is deceivingly challenging, and winning takes a bounty of skills. To win the game, you must be skilled at building, know how to locate chests, what weapons you require easily, and so on, and understand the game’s fundamentals and the planning to secure Victory.

Hence, the game is divided into a few levels. It’s not just about having the greatest arsenal. You will have to learn how to build to keep your defenses up. Check out the best landing spot locations to get a head start and find the best settings for your play style. So let’s move on to discuss some techniques that will help you survive the game and get a victory.

1 – Toggle on Visualize Sound Effects

Before entering a game, open the settings within Fortnite and the audio section. Here you will see an option to visualize sound effects. To turn this on, you will receive a visual notification of many sounds, including enemy footsteps and chests. It will give you a vast benefit, as you will have a clear sign of where your close enemies are at all times. In addition, it helps to understand where chests are since having a robust load out can lead you to win.

2 – Locate the Best Landing Spot

The landing spot you choose at the start will decide the flow of everything. If you are still discovering your feet in Fortnite, leaving the battle bus later than everybody else will be suitable and landing somewhere. It will give you extra time to collect weapons and farm materials and stock up on ammo rather than flying headfirst into a battle you will not win.

Whenever you choose to leave the battle bus, you will likely wish to land near a point of concern, as they have more guns and ammo than wild areas. Select one distant place from the battle bus “flight path,” and fewer people will be there. It would help if you avoided famous spots like tilted towers and covert caverns.

3 – Use Your Pickaxe to Win Fortnite

Every character in the game carries an eternal pickaxe. You can destroy every object with this, so just hit it again and again to collect its materials, such as wood, metal, or brick, which will help you build ramps, walls, and defenses. However, getting materials on time is the key to the best defense in a game. The good players crack everything apart from the very start, from trees to boxes and even floors and walls.

4 – Learn to Build Accurately for your Survival

The building is the most notable feature, setting Fortnite apart from other battle royale games. Beginners need to learn and practice making buildings and ramps around their character in a few seconds, which can help them survive if they get shot. Hence, the building is the best mode of transport in a game, but it’s also your greatest defense, apart from the potions and medical kits you will locate strewn around the island.

Moreover, there are three kinds of materials: metal, wood, and stone. Wood is fragile but builds faster, while metal is strong but will build gradually. Stone is the best middle ground. Hence, these ramps can get you to high places that are helpful if you get caught between the mountains and a storm, while walls can protect you and your teammates from enemy fire. So the best time to practice building is while you are waiting for a match to begin or early in a match when there are no rivals around.

5 – Prioritize your Health

Numerous items can restore your health or make you strong & hard to kill. Although, shields will give you a better opportunity to survive the battle royale Fortnite. Bandages & med kits will also help you restore your health (the green bar on the screen), but only med kits can completely restore your health.

Moreover, shield potions and small potions will restore your shields (the blue bar at the apex of the green bar), but only two shield potions can completely restore your health. Additionally, consuming chug juice takes 15 seconds, and drinking Slurp juice will grant you one health point per second and one shield point to restore your health fully.

6 – Maintain a wide variety of weapons in your loadout to Win Fortnite

When you land on the island, you must first find the weapons. You will need at least one weapon for your safety. You also must keep finding chests to get the most powerful weapons as you progress through the match to assist you in winning Fortnite.

A balanced loadout will make you handle any circumstances. We would suggest an assault Rifle to handle medium-distance enemies, an SMG to destroy enemies at close range, a Sniper Rifle to take out distant targets, an explosive such as Grenades, and a healing item such as Medkit. Moreover, you can also buy Exotic special weapons from numerous NPCs to boost your weapons.

7 – Advance Your Weapons

When you have played a few matches, check out the weapons. It will be good to get into the habit of updating them when you get the opportunity. It will make them more influential and should aid you in taking down enemies. Hence, you can do it by visiting many upgrade benches spotted around the island. You will have to get the gold bars to pay for upgrades. You can get them by finishing bounties, searching tills and safes, getting rid of enemies, and wiping out washing machines.

However, some weapons will change once they reach epic or legendary status. The best example was the assault rifle, which, when mixed up, became the game’s strongest FN SCAR (Special Forces combat assault weapon).

8 – Understand Every Weapon and Know How to Use it to Win Fortnite

Fortnite has numerous tools that can be used impolitely and defensively:

  • The Grenade destroys in seconds after you have thrown it.
  • Then, Throwing Boogie Bomb forces enemies caught in its wake to dance for a second, making them defenseless to your attack.
  • Port–A–Fort grenade will immediately make a fort for you. You can use it for defense but also offensively.
  • When anything trapped in the wake of an Impulse Grenade will be destroyed instantly or up into the air, you can use it to launch yourself at the opponent’s players to wrap a lot of ground in a short period.

9 – Listen Out for Opponent Footsteps

When you are on the battleground of the match, there are simple things you can do to get an advantage over your opponents. The sound design in Fortnite is fantastic; an enemy’s footsteps sound can alert you when they are nearby and even reveal whether they are below or above you in a building. If you wish to take advantage of the sounds, we suggest you play with a good pair of headphones. This way, you will be able to shut out distractions and hear the game with better clarity which will help you survive the game.

10 – Stay Away From Unnecessary Fights to Win Fortnite

You have to avoid needless fights that will put you at the risk of failing. You have a better opportunity of winning if you restrain yourself from everyone else, even toward the end of the game. When you reach the top 10 players, you must be skillful, so hiding yourself in a fort or structure will ensure that other players will not harm you and will not be wasting your resources by fighting other players. Being gone from the circle is the most secure place to be.

11 – Maintaining High Ground

The height benefit is astronomical in zero builds because it’s difficult to defend against someone above you. We have experienced little bouts of sadness when a whole squad camping atop an IO Blimp reigns shots below. So you have to take a page out of that team’s book & return the favor.

However, it is no secret that the IO Blimps give the best high-ground advantage in chap 3, Season 2 of Fortnite. You can stand at the apex while firing at opponents and duck behind cover if an enemy cracks your shield. Moreover, the IO Blimps allow the ability to tank storm harm because of the mounted cannons and propellers that players use to rotate.

12 – Always be Aware of the Storm

The Storm will be deadly to you as well as for other characters if you lose track of it, so ensure you are keeping an eye on where the next circle will come from. The Storm begins slowly, but as each level passes, it speeds up, and the gap closes. So check the timer and make your next step to maintain it. If you are near the edge, you can use the Storm to your favor by keeping it behind you. It is perhaps that enemies will be rising from it to attack you by surprise. Just don’t leave yourself too far to pass through when it begins contracting, or you may end up getting trapped inside it.

13 – Understand the Best Time to connect & When to Retreat

When you see two players fighting with each other, take advantage of the situation. If you own good weapons with sufficient ammo and have an abundance of health potions and shields, you could take them both and win. But if you do not have any good weapons or are in low health, then first get more materials and heal before entering into a fight.

14 – Go for Supply Drops to Win Fortnite

In a game, supply drops will eventually descend from the sky. You will get one with the first circle and more as time progresses. These drops are noticeable on the map and are marked in-game by blue smoke. If you view one, you receive a launchpad, which is essential in the late games, ammo, mats, and high-tier weapons.

Although these drops are the best way to secure high-level loot, despite the fact that each player will wish for them, If the supply drop is in a crowded place or inside the circle, other players will try to get it too, and you might have to fight a few off. So remember that when you go for a supply drop. You have to ensure that you are not going into a trap. Sometimes, a supply drop might draw out the last players when the maps get quite small. So keep an eye on them to see if you can locate some last players hiding out.

15 – End Game Policy

So you have made it to the last of a match, and you are just a few users away from getting Victory. These circumstances are what make Fortnite titles special. It’s quite easy to allow the nerves to take over, leading to bad decision-making. In the end game, we recommend staying consistent with everything else and playing smart. Maintain height if you have it and conceal it behind objects or in bushes if needed. Although sometimes you will not get the win royale, soon  you will find your way into the winner’s circle with sufficient effort and hard work.


Some crucial tips will assist you in learning how to win at Fortnite. You will get to know lots of things with practice & patience. In addition, you will have to improve at building fast, aiming, and learning to sense what action to take next in a game. Hopefully, the above tricks will help you win the battle royale.

If you get lost, don’t worry; each defeat will teach you something and help you progress the game next time. Let us know your preferred tip that helps you get the Victory in a game by commenting.