How to Get iMessage for Windows PC: Easy to Do it Smartly

imessage on pc
imessage on pc

Thanks to the online messaging feature, iMessage for PC has a broader and more visible audience than the iPhone. It offers a straightforward way to communicate and converse on the Apple-manufactured computer. It is a shorter and simpler option to integrate all Apple devices like computers, iPhones, or iPads via iCloud. You can effortlessly incorporate it into almost every device for online conversation using iMessage services.

How to install iMessage for Desktop PC

You can use it to send specific messages in message threads or a group if you are well-versed in using it on iOS devices. Using such an online communication platform, users can check for responses during the conversation or view them on a particular topic. In addition, iOS 10 must be integrated with the standard messaging service if you are an iPhone user. Moreover, the user and the recipient must have iMessage on both sides to experience a much more convenient and smoother way to connect with their loved ones and acquaintances.

Even though it takes considerable effort to gain access to online browsing, iMessage supports collaboration via the Apple operating system. That synchronization methods via computers and other iOS devices should be possible. Android users, however, remain disappointed with the lack of any compatibility with iMessage services.

If you are interested in using it as a desktop application, the following ways can help you get hands-on.

  • The First can be the Remote Access App as a desktop extension. Windows users can easily access it via Web browsers.
  • Secondly can be the cloud-based CydiaFree Account App.
  • The third one can be the iPadian Emulator for Android devices.

For PC iMessage, Install the Remote Access Extension.

The Remote Access feature is a convenient way to connect your Apple desktop computers. iMessage from a Windows or Linux-based system seems the quickest way to access it via Remote Desktop Extension. How to download iMessage via chrome remote desktop for windows system is available for your consideration.

  1. Download the Remote Desktop App for Chrome from the official website. You can wait for a few minutes to install it on Windows or Linus PCs.
  2. Once you have downloaded it, you can then launch it via the “launch application” option at the top-right corner of the desktop screen.
  3. Next is to install the supplementary program “RemoteDesktop Host Installer” on your Mac.
  4. Go through the installation instructions. After that, input the security password for the Mac computer during the installation process.
  5. Once you have installed it, you can launch your Chrome Remote Desktop on your Mac operating system. A 12-digit code for activation of the application is incumbent. Thus, you can input it into your app to access it remotely.

Integrate iMessage for PC via Cydia Free Account

Another option is way more intricate than installing a remote app. However, it is pretty helpful in that accessing the operating system, and other features can help via Cydia. The cloud-based applications directory works well after jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad device. However, you won’t get it warranted, so if anything goes wrong, then it is not compliant with Appl eTechnical Support. Before integrating into the iMessage App, Windows and iOS devices connected well using similar wireless networks.

  • Navigating through the official website on the Cydia Free website will get you to its downloading page.
  • After you’ve downloaded it, navigate to the Settings menu. Then getting into “General” settings will let you create the profile.
  • The next step is to create the account using its login credentials. It will let authenticate the account. Then it will enable the application for further integration.
  • Now that you have integrated your Cydia account, iMessage will ask you to embed it in your already registered account. Now, it is time to browse your iMessage App on your Desktop PC. Then open up the webpage in your desktop web browser. Enter the web address in an enabled tab, then execute it by pressing “
  • Once you have set up your Cydia Account, you are ready to get your iMessage App for your Windows PC.

Use iPadian Emulator for Integration Desktop iMessage Service

A robust operating system can be easily emulated via the Apple iOS system using an Emulator. iPadian is one of the well-known iOS Emulators for Windows. You can run iMessage software via an emulator, making it compatible with supporting specific operating systems that are not otherwise endorsed. Windows always need support for making iMessage compatible with iOS Applications. Thus, using an Emulator can surely let you experience it conveniently.

  • Downloading it via the iPadian official website will land you on its Home Page.
  • Once you have initiated the download, it will take you to the subsequent sections like iPadian and GameStation. Click on the iPad, then press “Download.”
  • Once you have installed your Emulator, acknowledge the implied terms and conditions to continue the process.
  • After being done with it, the iPadian will open up the iMessage app on the desktop screen. Proceed by feeding the registration number once you have opened it up.

Use iMessage Service in Your Windows Software

How to use it on Windows appears to be a question in the minds of its ardent users. Let’s get started with the process of using iMessage takes a few simple steps.

  1. Initially, open up your iMessage App on your desktop system.
  2. Then hover over the settings that let you open up the iMessage sign up to your Apple account.
  3. You can now write your message via the “Compose” button. You can even attach documents using the “Attach” button then send them.

What If iMessage Isn’t Compatible With Windows 10?

iMessage for Windows PC acts as a connecting platform for Windows users to incorporate iMessaging services into their desktop computers. With restrictions on accessibility for Windows desktop computers, you will have to use some tricks to get it in working condition for specific computers. The instant messaging service can keep you well connected via the internet connection. You can send larger photos or multimedia content quite easily with the help of the iMessage service. As for those who intend to use it as their ordinary course of communication, SIM card integration is imperative. A well-integrated iMessage account can work well just with a primary phone number.

You can experience the instant messaging service via emojis, multimedia content, conversation threads, and other related features that support instant messaging for WhatsApp or even Telegram. It mounts by default on iOS and Apple software for all its users. iMessage has an automatic detection facility if the iOS device users have incorporated it as the default messaging service. It enables its users connect via an internet connection. Synchronization for text messages from any iOS device lets you efficiently incorporate your text messages into the Standard Messaging Application. With the indication of green or blue text bubbles, be mindful of your sender’s messaging service while using it as a standard message app.


Due to an unforeseen future, iMessage accessibility on Windows devices will require thoughtful consideration while restricting the Apple built-in apps’ amalgamation with other devices. Apple has built its impeccable integrity with pre-default text message integration in iOS devices. However,You canexperience things changing with the transition to incorporating it into a non-Apple operating system quite fluidly. It takes the lapse of change from Apple device integration to all other devices. Anticipating it will assist you in resolving the issue as a result of the integration via some valuable tricks.