Instagram Released Redesigned Editor for Reels, Trending Section & More

Instagram Released Redesigned Editor for Reels
Instagram Released Redesigned Editor for Reels

Instagram has released some new features, changes for its short video setup reels, and a reformed Reels editor. A composite editing screen allows users to add clips, text, and stickers to their reel draft.

However, Meta wrote in a blog that this makes it easier to line up and time fundamentals of your reel to the accurate moments in a more pictorial method.

Moreover, this new Reels editor also bids the skill to zoom in and zoom out on the timeline, much like old-style video editors. Users can tap the audio clip in the editor to add the time according to the graphics. All these editing features are now accessible on Android and iOS smartphones worldwide.

This new-fangled feature for creator’s accounts is a new segment where users can discover the newest reel trends like widespread audio and hashtags. Tapping on an audio name discloses how many Reels have been made, including the specific audio.

Instagram has also added two new-fangled measurement systems under Reels Insights to outline content better. These are total watch time and usual watch time that Insta declares will help creators better recognize where people are being involved. Or where you may require a stronger knob to have audiences visit lengthier. Another Reel-associated accumulation is that Instagram will lob a custom-made notification someone follows a user after viewing one of their reel contents.

The application correspondingly takes its paid gifts feature to more creators by emancipating it in Canada, Australia, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the UK in the upcoming weeks. This feature lets the creators get the names of users who have sent them gifts and show acknowledgment by tapping a heart icon next to their names to thank their fans.