Best Smartphones to Buy in 2024

best smartphones

Choosing the best smartphones in 2024 can be quite difficult, as so many outclass options are available. Whether you are an iPhone-addicted, an Android fan, or comfortable with any phone, searching for the perfect one may seem like an overwhelming challenge. But don’t worry; this article helps you to understand which smartphone is perfect for you.

Hitech’s Choice
After so much research and comparison on the best smartphones, we think the best one you can buy in 2024 is Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max. It is a progressive duplication of the iPhone 15 Pro but it is excellent across the board. You will get the pill-shaped Dynamic Island cutout, a trio of highly competent cameras, composed of A17 Pro silicon, and finally a USB-C. If you can afford to pay, this is the best smartphone you can purchase right now.

3 Best Smartphones

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 

Best smartphones: Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max has a mix-up of small changes that, when combined, represent a remarkable upgrade.

A new titanium build is perdurable but prominent lighter, and there’s also a new customizable Action Button to substitute the mute switch. Apple’s A17 Pro chipset is the most efficient on any smartphone and delivers outstanding performance.

The 6.7-inch display is compact by modern cell phone standards, but it looks wonderful with the benefits of the 120GHz refresh rate.

But regardless of the missing 5x optical zoom on the telephoto lens, the overall camera’s result is fantastic. Several applications now support the truly convenient Dynamic Island, and iOS 16 is just as smooth and intuitive as ever.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

If you prefer Android over iOS the S24 is also one of the best smartphones you can buy now.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is more expensive but too good to use, offering an outstanding user experience with no real instability. Moreover, there is a feature of major strengths, from remarkable overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 capability to five unique camera lenses, each of which more than holds their own.

Samsung fans get a beautiful 6.8-inch AMOLED display and built-in S Pen; additionally, it is still a two-day phone for many individuals because of its long battery life.

With a slick One UI skin over Android 14 and seven years of operating system and security updates, the software experience is the next level it’s ever been. Moreover, the addition of useful AI features is making the S24 Ultra a leading smartphone.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Not only does the Tensor G3 chip boost performance, but the Google Pixel 8 pro also offers a wide range of useful software features. Many of these features improve the photography experience, Where Google’s advanced processing and efficient lenses provide consistently superb photos.

Android 14 on the Pixel Pro 8 is the smoothest and most intuitive software on any smartphone, and it will be supported by Google for seven years. However, the battery life and charging could still do with some improvement, while the big, heavy design won’t favorite of everyone.

Additionally, the luxurious and premium build and price that still pocket-friendly the top-tier flagships, the Google Pixel 8 Pro is a fabulous smartphone.