Instagram Roll Out New Feature – “Add up to 5 Links in Bio”

Instagram Roll Out New Feature
Instagram Roll Out New Feature

Instagram, the most popular social app, is introducing a new feature of adding up to 5 links in the bio to the user profile that shakes up the emergence of Linktree, Beacon, and other “link in bio” solution providers. We got the announcement through a brief post on Mark Zukerberg’s broadcast, in which Zukerberg said that support for multiple links in the bio was “probably” one of the most requested features we’ve had.

Fortunately, adding the various links to a profile applies to all accounts, including business and creator accounts. Users should go to the Edit Profile, Links, and Add external link options to use the feature and organize the links in their desired order.

This feature is about directing the followers to several content niches (e.g., online businesses, promoted brands, supported causes, profiles on rival social platforms), Instagram stated.

While testing the feature, there was no obstacle linking to competing platforms such as TikTok or YouTube. Moreover, Instagram also provides the option to link their Facebook profiles using an appropriate linking option, which displays a professional-looking rounded Facebook icon and text that are occurring text. However, external links do not contain any special customizations, like small icons.

Users may connect to any URL as long as it complies with Meta’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, and links are checked to ensure they do not have any dangerous content. It has no intention of preventing links from Linktree or other services that use links in bios. (In fact, one of its links is currently being used by Meta’s own account, as Linktreee noted in a tweet.

The links do not get started with a separate browser window. However, the links open up within the Instagram application itself. So if you’re willing to move to your built-in browsers, like Safari or Chrome, Tap the three-dot menu at the upper side of the page and choose “Open in system Browser.”