A Big Notice by Apple Company: iOS 16.4 Web App Notifications are now available for iPhone Users

iOS 16.4 web app notifications available on your iPhone
iOS 16.4 web app notifications available on your iPhone

Apple is about to announce iOS 17, and it’s expected to unveil during the WWDC 2023 event on June 5 held in Apple park. Right now, the iPhone update is kind of a secret that nobody knows. Moreover, if iPhone users use iOS 16 update, they know the reason for the latest update of the iOS 16.4 version. It would have a bunch of interesting features like new emojis for messages, voice isolation mode for phone calls, duplicate detection tool improvement, and better crash detection on iPhone 14 series to web app notifications.

What do you know about web app notifications, or what is it? This has been a long-awaited feature, and now Apple finally rolled out this feature to your iPhones. Using this update, you can approve push notification requests from web apps requiring direct user interaction. Once the request has been accepted, these notifications will appear like other notifications from other iOS apps. In addition, you can add a web page to your home screen as a shortcut. The web page push notification like Mac.

The update lets developers send you notifications from web applications that give your iPhone a more Mac-like experience. It will also update you with all the info that you want to receive from your favorite selected web. Now we have a solution for you after using the web app. Therefore this guide is for you on how to enable web app notifications.

How to turn on web app notifications on your iPhone?

  • Open Safari browser > Type in a website which comes with a web app.
  • Tap share button
  • Scroll down and find the add-to-home screen option.
  • Tap on it and add it to the home screen of your iPhone.

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