iPhone 15 Pro to Revolutionize User Experience with Action Button But No Solid-State Buttons

iPhone 15 Pro to Revolutionize User Experience
iPhone 15 Pro to Revolutionize User Experience

Previously, the news came from the CAD drawings that the iPhone 15 Pro was getting solid-state buttons, including an Apple Watch Ultra-style Action button. However, sources disclose this might not be true due to technical issues.

The recent updates suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro will feature physical Volume and Power buttons, but the Mute Switch will be changed with a button. A month ago, Apple claimed that our 3d render artist Lan Zelbo examined iPhone 15 Pro CAD drawings. He summed up the outlined to Apple dropping its mechanical buttons and muting Switch, replacing them with solid-state buttons.

In the upcoming iOS version of iPhone 15 Pro, the user will get a feature Apple Watch ultra-like Action button rather than the traditional Mute Switch. Keep in mind that the Action button will be mechanical.

Ming-Chi Kuo believes the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will house the same button designed in iPhone 14 Pro models. This means the button will be mechanical without additional taptic engines. On the other hand, they could still observe solid-state buttons on the forthcoming flagship.

In addition to the Power and Volume buttons, we also described that Apple plans to say goodbye to the Mute Switch. The business will utilize a solid-state button that can be programmed to perform various functions in place of the mute Switch. Apple took a similar approach while integrating the Action button on the Apple Watch Ultra. The iPhone’s Action button creates a lot of difference, giving customers more authority over their device’s functionality. The Mute Switch has, however, been a part of the iPhone for quite some time.