iPhone Temperature Warning

iPhone Temperature Warning
iPhone Temperature Warning

It’s a statistic of science that all electronic devices produce heat. But what if they are much hotter than normal? It is a mutual problem that iPhone users have allocated. While if this issue endures, you will get an iPhone temperature warning.

In this situation, you don’t have to panic as there are many resolutions you can contemplate to pact with overheating your iPhone issue. Let’s discover the solutions to that.

NOTE: Remember that the perfect iPhone temperature is 32 to 95 F, and you might not damage your iPhone if you possess it between -4 and 113 F.

What is iPhone Temperature Warning?

When your iPhone gets too warm, you will see a warning mark that you can see in the image mentioned below.

Temperature Warning

However, it will feel hot to the touch, and you get a temperature cautionary splish-splash screen if the heat is too extreme. When this caution appears, you can only make emergency calls till your phone make cold off.

Furthermore, hotness is not virtuous for your iPhone. Leaving it consecutively too hot can harm internal components, particularly the battery, and CPU.

Why my iPhone Screen Shows a Temperature Warning?

When your iPhone is too hot, its screen displays a temperature caution. It is basically due to overheating, which is frequently an unexpected result of the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

The CPU is the core and depth of your iPhone, where all the calculations occur at super speed letting your iPhone perform like a reckless computer.

Below we have described the reasons for overheating and showing a temperature caution on your iPhone.

  • When you set up your iOS device for the first time, the CPU does a lot of work quickly. Currently, the CPU has to work extra to get everything in its dwelling. As a result, your phone gets overheated and will show a temperature warning.
  • The temperature warning happens when you reestablish your iOS device or after a screen replacement.
  • The iPhone may get hot if it is hot outdoors and you leave it in direct sunlight or the car.
  • Overheating also occurs if your iPhone is running too many applications. It puts too much burden on your phone’s CPU, which will cause overheating.
  • When someone overuses their iPhone nonstop, it is in a hot atmosphere, so their iPhone gets hotter.
  • If your iPhone processor functions with intensive applications like streaming HD video, gaming apps, or using GPS map reading, it can cause overheating.
  • Once you have updated your iPhone, the photo application probably catalogs a large photo library. It will jolt, heating up.
  • The application on your phone is not updated and may have memory leaks, so it takes up extra CPU calculations that may originate overheating your device.
  • When your device is updating some applications in the background, this also makes your device get hotter.

What to do When iPhone Gets Too Hot Or Shows Temperature Warning?

Is your iPhone consecutively hot and screening warning?

In an iPhone overheating state, we acclaim to revenue the following fixes.

1. Update the Latest Software

Ensure always to run the up-to-date version of both iOS and applications as it comes with performance improvements and security patches. The outdated iphone software and applications can cause an overloaded CPU, resulting in overheating.

To update your iOS software, hover over the Settings app > General > Software update.

Update the Latest Software

If the auto updates feature is turned off, you will see a prompt to update or the message that your iOS version is updated.

To update the apps on iOS, go to the App Store > Profile icon > Available updates > Update All > Done.

2. Remove your iPhone From Direct Sunlight

Take away your iPhone instantly if you port it in straight sunlight to halt internal temperature from enduring to rise. Direct sunlight can upsurge the air temperature, and with the heat produced by your phones, you may have an overheated iPhone or temperature warning.

3. Turn On the Auto-Brightness Feature

When the brightness on your iPhone is at the maximum, it can drain the battery quickly and cause overheating. So, adjust its brightness settings according to the conditions around it.

To turn on the auto brightness feature on your iphone, follow the below steps.

Navigate to the Settings app > Accessibility > Display and Text size > turn the Toggle on Auto-Brightness.

Turn On the Auto-Brightness Feature

4. Enable Airplane Mode

Enable Airplane Mode

If your iphone is coupled to wifi, it continually communicates with the internet in the background. That connection uses amply of extract if you are not consuming your phone. If that is the circumstance turning on airplane mode on your iPhone can help you overwhelm by the temperature warning.

5.    Disable Bluetooth and Other Services

Bluetooth Safari, maps, Wifi navigation apps require constant resources from your phone, whether searching for a device or staying paired. Accordingly, turn off these applications when you are not using them while trying to cool off a hot phone.

6.    Temperature Warning: Stop Charging your iPhone

If your iPhone gets too warm while charging, remove it immediately because charging can make your phone hot. Moreover, make sure to use an authentic Apple charger and cable.

Some tainted brand chargers are low-priced than Apple’s authorized ones. But the charger is not exactly made to provender the quantity of power required. So it may be overworking your phone. Switching that out for a charger from Apple might support you.

Also, ensure that the lightning docks are hygienic and unrestricted of dirt. Any heaped-up dust may halt the charger from working appropriately, consequential in warmness.

7.  Turn on Low-Power Mode

The more your iOS screen is awake, the more it will be in use that vause more battery power to lose. In this situation, you can reduce the time your screen remains awake by turning on the lower power mode.

Hence, in lower power mode, the phone uses less energy and only carries out essential functions, saving the battery life while the phone runs cooler. Plus, iPhone produces less heat when the battery drains more slowly.

Below we have mentioned easy steps to enable low-power mode on iPhone to get rid of temperature warning.

Navigate to Settings > Battery > Turn the toggle on Low power mode.

Turn on Low-Power Mode

8. Close all Applications

Partaking in multiple processes running simultaneously makes your phone slog harder and feel warmer. Reducing the processor’s capacity can prevent it from rapidly generating excess heat and draining the battery. Therefore closing all applications should be good for you.

To do so, double-tap your iPhone’s home button if you have SE or older models to access and scroll through all open applications. However, swipe down if you have newer models, then swipe upward to close all apps.

Close all Applications

9.    Restart your iPhone

If your iPhone is running hot and giving you a temperature warning, you can force it to restart. Close your Phone and then open it back again. The procedure for restarting your iPhone depends on the model you use.

  • Press and release the volume up tab, press and release the volume down tab, then press and clasp the side button till the Apple logo seems to restart the iPhone X, XS, XR, 8, 11, 12,13, SE 2nd gen model.
  • Press and grasp the volume down button and the sleep/wake simultaneously till the Apple logo seems to restart the iPhone 6, 6S, 7, and SE 1st gen models.

10.  Scan for iPhone Apps Producing Overheating or Temperature Warning

Occasionally, a specific application produces problems for your phone, like overheating. If you are unsure that this is the case, you can check it, and it will demonstrate a list of apps that have been booming.

To do so, navigate to the settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Analytic Data.

Scan for iPhone Apps Producing Overheating

11.  Remove the Case

The iPhone scatters heat via its metal frame, but a case can prevent your phone from releasing heat. If you remove the case, it can increase airflow. The case can snare heat and stop it from dissipating rapidly. You can also try insertion your phone in front of a cooling fan or a chiller room.


If the abovementioned solutions did not fix your iPhone, it is still heating and showing a temperature warning. At last, send it for repair; maybe it could have a hardware issue requiring a professional to open your phone to fix it.

Let us know in the comment section what you will do when your iPhone’s temperature goes high.