Is YouTube Music Free To Use For Travelling

Is YouTube Music App Free to Use
Is YouTube Music App Free to Use

Google server offers the streaming service to flora and fauna of music life YouTube Music application. But everybody knows that this app is a replacement for Google Play Music. However, by using this service, you can listen to songs, playlists, remixes, albums, and live songs and watch music videos as well. So, let us discover what the YouTube Music app offers in free and premium membership to use.

An Overview of the YouTube Music App

This music application was launched on November 2015 and developed by YouTube and a subordinate of Google. The owner of this app is Susan Diane Wojcicki, YouTube’s CEO, and Layor Cohen, Head of the YouTube Music app. Basically, the application offers online music and video streaming service.

Moreover, this app is supported by mobile and desktop devices too. The music collection contains plenty of releases from mainstream artists, and you also treasure the ambiguous content you have not found anywhere. That included live recordings, mixtapes, and many more.

However, according to Google’s algorithm, the app contains 80 million plus official content. This streaming service also offers a premium level that allows free advertising playback audio background and installing songs for offline playback. In addition, this streaming service is available in 90-plus countries, including America, Australia, Germany, Canada, and many others.

Is YouTube Music App Free to Use?

The Basic level of YouTube Music offers a free tier, but unfortunately, those Unpaid users do not have the availability to listen to the song or content in the background. For instance, when a user hovers over to another application on their phone device, it is limiting to utilize it. However, the basic plan is pretty featured crowded, but there are a lot of advertisements because it is ad supported.

Here we have listed some features for free of cost YouTube music.

  • Users can treasure the faultless mood assortments for travel, workouts, time passes, and many more.
  • An unpaid user can correspondingly be shuffling play custom-made mixes.
  • Discover millions of songs, tracks, and thousands of playlists for free of cost.

Subscriptions Available on YouTube Music Streaming Service

This streaming application offers three subscription plans and gives users some notable upgrades. Below we have shared the subscription tier and features of payment versions.

Youtube music applications have three subscriptions plan.

  1. YouTube Unpaid
  2. Youtube music premium subscription
  3. Youtube premium Subscription

1.    Use the Free Version of Youtube Music

The Basic level of youtube music is unpaid, and users can avail of this plan with many features. As mentioned above, we have already shared the features you will gain when using this subscription.

However, this plan only works on smartphones when the app screen is open. While there is an alternative to use this tier on a browser, users can use the youtube Music Browser page for subscription-less access to content on their desktop or browser devices.

2.    Youtube Music Premium Subscription

  • Individual plan: $9.99 Monthly and $ 99.99 Yearly
  • Student plan: $4.99 Monthly
  • Family Plan: $14.99 Monthly

When you make an account on youtube music Subscription, you will get a more prominent feature.

  • Background listening: A user can turn off or use other applications on their phone device the music will still play
  • Without Ads: Users will not get the advertisement in this plan
  • High-Quality Playbacks: A User can take benefit of 256kpbs streaming of YouTube video.
  • Offline Listening: You can also save songs to play when offline.

Key Points

  • A family plan subscription can share with 5 people.
  • For student plans, users require to confirm their student status.

3.    YouTube Premium Subscription

  • Individual plan: $11.99 Monthly and $119.99 Annually
  • Family Plan: $17.99 Monthly
  • Student Plan: $6.99 Monthly

Features of Youtube Premium Membership

  • Users can download videos on their phone devices to watch them offline.
  • Stream thousands of videos without skipping the ad because this service is ad-free.
  • You have the ability to watch videos on your phone while the screen is off or use other applications.

NOTE: Six accounts can use the family plan cost of youtube premium, and the student plan needs the student identity for membership.

How to Use YouTube Music?

As with other streaming services, YouTube music also needs an internet connection. Though if you want to use this free YouTube Music service on your phone device, you need your Google account to avail of that service. So, if you have Gmail or Google Docs, these IDs can be used for a YouTube Music account. Moreover, if you want to access the desktop version, you may need to get access to the YouTube music subscription.

For Unpaid Version

  • At first install the YouTube Music application on your phone device.
  • Now make a free account profile, or just start listening.

Note: Keep in mind that the free version’s background playback feature is unavailable.

For Premium Membership

  • Navigate to the youtube music application on your desktop.
  • Here tap on the three verticle dots for premium membership.
  • Now select the plan and purchase anyone that suits your need.

Note: For paid membership, you can sign in for a month’s trial to try the app. If you don’t like the app, just cancel within that month.

Is There Any Substitute for the YouTube Music App?

Yes, Youtube music isn’t the only streaming service available in the online market. There are many other possibilities available to select from. And some of them avail more positive features compared to this app. Here we have shared with you Spotify and Apple music.


The well-known streaming service is Spotify around the world. However, Spotify has the same price as Youtube Music Premium. The specific account is $9.99 for 30 days, and for two-person subscription is $12.99. The family plan is $15.99 monthly, and the student plan is $4.99 Monthly.

Apple Music

The Apple Music application is another most acknowledged music streaming service. The premium subscription has 50-plus million songs, including podcasts. However, the free plan is limited that the Youtube music application. The specific paid membership is $9.99 monthly, and the family plan is $14.99 monthly.

Our Verdict: Is YouTube Music Good?

Of course! Because there are many reasons, like; the interface being simple and convenient to use. The app correspondingly recommends song playlist albums based on your preference or that you previously listened to. Moreover, the streaming music audio quality is pretty good, and the web version also specifies the audio quality.

As per our team’s review shows YouTube Music contains Limp Bizkit, aggro rock playbacks, and other out-of-town tracks. So, if you want our recommendation to join the Youtube Music application, we say a big YES to you.

So, let us know in the comment box whether you ever use the YouTube music application for a free or paid membership.