Microsoft Introduces Sync Your iPhone with Windows 11 for a Seamless Connectivity

Microsoft Introduces Sync Your iPhone with Windows 11

Microsoft introduces the latest feature that explains, “IPhone sync for Windows 11 is readily available for all users”. So, if you’re using iPhone 14 versions, you can send and receive text messages, make and receive phone calls and see your contacts list, including a few notifications directly from a Windows 11 PC. However, the users need to switch on Bluetooth for iPhone to connect with the PC.

Meanwhile, the company began testing out the feature in February 2023. Till now, this latest feature isn’t support iPads. And with few limitations, iMessage syncing is supported but cannot be operated with group chats or sending images, videos, and voice messages.

The Phone link has been available for Android devices since 2015, while for the very first time, it has now been added to iPhones aiming to support all Windows 11 users by mid-may and making it an even more convenient built-in feature that eliminates the need to switch between your computer and phone.

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