Minecraft Commands for 2024

Minecraft commands
Minecraft commands

Minecraft can be a frightening game if hard work is not your type. There are plenty of prospects for a player to become overwhelmed by its blocky universe, from menacing mobs to thousands of collectible items. However, using Minecraft commands makes it easy to take control of the landscape around a player.

Subsequently, it is better to conquer the extensive Minecraft world sandbox than by pulling up the command bar, typing some words and symbols, and then using magic to summon properly. So, keep reading the below post to learn about the command’s detail in Minecraft world.

Minecraft Commands

A command is basically a precise instruction that this game Bedrock edition will follow. It offers a beneficial sheet of crosscuts and critical efforts for handling the world a player has created. However, these guidelines could be as straightforward as fluctuating the time of day or as intricate as assembling and using a scoreboard.

In addition, there are many different commands, each with its own latent to improve your gameplay. A player uses it to modify or respond to the world rather than having a motionless world. A player could execute a task that a command system could perceive and respond to somehow.

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How to Use Commands in Minecraft?

Commands in Minecraft

When a player is playing this game, they can use game cheats that enable them to revolute game modes, weather, time, send for objects, or discover the seed used by the World Generator. In simple words, cheats allow players to control what occurs in Minecraft.

However, if a player is playing with cheat disabled mode, commands or cheats will not slog. A command is implemented by entering the command name in the Chat and command window. At the same time, you can tap the T key to open the chat and command window. Then you have to tap on the enter key or tap on the send key.

Keep in mind that there is a bit difference between a chat and a command window because the commands window starts with a slash (/). Such as /time. Moreover, when you press the / key, the chat and commands window will open with a slash already added.

If you are a beginner and have never used a cheat in Minecraft, below we have shared some simple steps you can follow to run the cheat code.

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  • Step 1: At first, create a new world with cheats empowered.
  • Step 2: After that, navigate to the creative inventory and place some items in your hotbar.
  • Step 3: Then tap on the (/) to open the chat and commands window.
  • Step 4: Now type (clone). Your text looks like /clone.
  • Step 5: Hit on the sent tab to implement the command. After that, the chat and command windows will robotically close.
  • Step 6: Now see your hotbar; if your command ran accurately, you would see that the items you placed in step 2 clone or double.

Best Minecraft Commands

Here we have described some of the best commands a player can use to control what happens in this game.

1. Change Game Mode

Game Mode

/gamemode ….

This command will transform your game mode. You can establish it as creative, adventure, spectator, or survival.

2. Set Time


This command will set the present time. Moreover, a player can set the time to morning or night by using the numbers between 0-24000. Where 0 is used for sunrise and 13000 is for sunset.

3. Minecraft Commands for Command Blocks

Command Blocks


This command fills a whole 3-D volume with the specified type of block. It is advantageous for forming a river by substantial an area with water or quarrying by filling it with air.

4. Set Difficulty Level


When a player uses this command, it will help them to change the difficulty level to peaceful, easy, normal, or hard.

5. Minecraft Weather Commands


This command helps a player set the current weather with the type as either rain, clear, or thunder with a voluntary length in seconds.

6. Kill


This command immediately kills the specific entities or players in the world.  However, it entails a target such as if you deprive to kill the zombies; you would use /kill @ezombie.

7. Minecraft Commands Spawn Point


This command will transform the world spawn point to the present location. However, a player can use /setworldspawn a b c to stipulate a location.

8. Atlantis Mode



This command vividly increases the water level in your world, immersing all but the highest mountains.

9. Minecraft Gamerule Commands



There are explicit gamerule commands for different purposes. Such as /gamerulekeepinventroy let you keep all your items when you decease.

10. Summon


It instantaneously summons the specified item or a desired object into your world at the specified position.

11. Minecraft Teleport Commands


This command teleports the definite object to the specified location, which is advantageous for getting back to your castle when you find any gambling. Furthermore, you can also use /tp instead of /teleport.

12. Seed


This command shows the code for your existing world seed in chat, which you can click on to copy to reconstruct your world well along. It is helpful when you want to stake a world seed with your friends.

Summing Up

For now, that’s all.

In this gaming post, we have shared with our audience information about Minecraft commands and how they can use them during playtime.

I hope you find this post helpful. And if you have any questions about Minecraft, let us know in the comment box. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends.