Minecraft Guide for Beginners

Minecraft Guide
Minecraft Guide

Do you want to explore the adventurous world of Minecraft? So let’s explore with us the amazing quirky building that can keep kids hooked for hours. It doesn’t matter if you are a Minecraft noob or the most battle-hardened expert; there is so much more to learn new things in a game with us in this Minecraft guide.

Minecraft is primarily a simple game at heart, with basic crafting and building mechanics. As you pass the levels, plenty of things are added non-stop, and the game continuously receives new updates with new features.

So, it is necessary to know how to thrive and survive in a game, how to beat mobs & defend your base. We have enlisted all the essential guides to combat, crafting, enchanting, building, exploration, and so much more for your ease.

Minecraft Overview

Minecraft is Mojang’s well-known open-world sandbox adventurous game since its release in 2011. The game brings people of all ages together within a world of blocks. It involves kids in creative thinking, geometry, and lil geology and engineering as they build and discovers worlds of imaginative block structures.

It is a great sandbox game that lets you make your own world. Players can discover and fight for survival or have fun building & crafting items such as weapons or building structures, including castles, cities, houses, and even complex mechanic devices. However, Minecraft has so much to offer that you have to explore.

However, like any gameplay, Minecraft doesn’t come with commands, and it’s quite simple to pick up & play. You learn the game only through experimentation, exploration, watching Youtube videos, and reading content.

Minecraft Gameplay

The Gameplay of Minecraft is divided into two modes such as:


Survival Mode

This mode is like a campaign, where players hunt food and fend off incoming enemies with several weapons like swords or pickaxes. Users must have to be capable when exploring their environment, as a gang of threatening creatures could attack them.

However, the purpose is to use materials to build tools & structures such as houses or gardens to stay secure from the mobs. Though existing the first night is considered the biggest challenge the game has to offer, when a player has some type of shield & their first night has been completed, their Gameplay can bloom forth freely from there. So many users desire to live in the same shelter forever that some decide to move and explore the world of Minecraft.

Creative Mode

This mode offers an open-ended experience to its user, where players don’t have to worry about starvation, health, or being attacked by enemies. In creative mode, users can fly and have access to an infinite amount of in-game resources. With a full armory, players can make and discover to their heart’s content. Some players make simple structures, while others make vast works of art & engineering.

Minecraft Crafting Guide

One of the primary activities in Minecraft is crafting, which is how you make a majority of the useful items in a game. You need basic elements & merge them to make something new & eventually, more valuable to you. Without the crafting process, you wouldn’t be able to have a sword, a torch & other important tools for making your way through the game world.

To craft items, you need a crafting table to make complex items. For this, the materials required are only 4 wood planks. When you start a game, you get a small 2×2 crafting grid that lets you create simple items. You can also upgrade the crafting area by making a crafting table; your inventory screen will show you the 3×3 crafting grid.

Hence, crafting is amazing and necessary for progressing in a game by making useful things to survive in the game. However, there are many guides on making items in Minecraft. You can learn the recipes in Minecraft in-game recipe book. Here are some of our guides to craft items in Minecraft.

Craft Basic Items

Here are some of the basic items you commonly use in the game. We will let you know some of the items here, but you can check all the crafting recipes in the in-game recipe book.

  • Torch: all you want is a stick and charcoal. This is one of the helpful items, as you will use it as a light to move your way through the dark and to help attack mobs from spawning close to you.
  • Pickaxe: it is a useful item for gathering resources, but to make it, you also need a few items. You require two sticks and three of just about any kind of hard ingredient to make a pickaxe. There are various kinds of pickaxes, and you need different items to make them. For example, if you create it with an icon, you will get an iron pickaxe, and if you create it with gold, you will get the gold pickaxe.
  • Sword: similar to the pickaxe, the items you prefer to make your sword from determine what type of sword you end up with and how powerful and helpful it is. All you require is a stick and three of any given items that can be used to create a sword. You can create a sword with wood, iron, gold, diamond, or stone.
  • Bread: it is one of the simplest food items to make; you only require three pieces of wheat, which you can get by attacking standing wheat. Further, if you are growing your own wheat, you can have a limitless supply of bread to restock your health and relieve hunger.
  • Blocks: you can use blocks to build solid structures, and how much each raw material you have to make the block will be dogged by what type of block you are creating. It takes almost four bricks to create a brick block. To make a gold block, you will require 9 pieces of gold.

Mining in Minecraft


Mining is another important aspect, as there are so many essential items in a game that you have to mine. These items include iron, gold, diamonds, Redstone, etc. however, these things are more challenging than a block of dirt and need tools, including a pickaxe, to break.

Before you explore your mines (whatever kind of mine), it is a great idea to set up a mining station. What you place in it depends on you, but here are some recommendations and the reasoning behind them.

It assists to have one of these items at the surface of your mine, but you can have it wherever and you can create more as your area of exploration expands.

  • Bed: if you pass away, you will spawn back here despite of somewhere far away.
  • Chest: place a chest in a safe place is the best way to protect your items, especially if you were to die.
  • Furnace: it will help you to smell the ores.
  • Crafting Table: you will certainly need more items and other items while mining. It’s best to have a crafting table.

Ores you can get in Minecraft.”

OreWhere to FindUses
IronAnywhere underground, but most abundant below layer 40.Crafting armor & tools and building railways.
GoldDeep underground, you can find it below layer 30.Crafting, brewing potions, powered rails.
CoalUnderground anywhere, but mostly below layer 40.Furnace fuel and Torches
EmeraldUnderground below layer 30, only in “extreme hill” terrainTrading with villagers
RedstoneUnderground below layer 16Redstone circuits, potion brewing, and crafting
DiamondUnderground below layer 16Best tools, weapons, and armor
Lapis lazuliUnderground below 30, but most probably near layer 12Decorative
Nether QuartzIn the NetherDaylight detectors and Quartz blocks

As you can check, everything is present in layers 18 and 16. You will need to get close to the bedrock and build your mine there. However, there may be other underground items in the way, like abandoned cave systems, mineshafts, and strongholds. Although these things may make your route to bedrock more challenging than described here, which makes your game more interesting, you must explore them on the way down.

Note: always keep torches with you, as hostile mobs appear in the dark. You have to light the tunnels you dig and any caves you discover. If you don’t have one, it’s time to mine and cut down the trees.

Final Words- Minecraft Guide

Minecraft world is beyond your imagination; you can build your own house out of whatever material you wish. You can make an arsenal and armor to help secure yourself from mobs. The game is great to play, and you have to do so much, from crafting to mining, to survive in a game.

However, you will find it difficult to make it very far in survival mode without crafting one. So try to craft more items in a game to survive for long in a game. Hope this guide helps you a lot. Share your experience of Minecraft with us in the comment section.