The Best Minecraft Survival Island Seeds

Minecraft Survival Island Seeds
Minecraft Survival Island Seeds

Minecraft’s survival mode might not be the most popular genre, but it has a strong following. There is something incredibly satisfying about playing survival. Players can choose between a simple survival mode and a hard core survival mode, which is, of course, much more challenging.

Minecraft’s gameplay revolves around the Survival Island theme. Almost all gamers have a Castaway fantasy in which they wake up as the lone survivor on an island and have to do whatever it takes to survive.

Here are some Minecraft seeds you should try if you’re looking for your own Robinson Crusoe fantasy.

Best Minecraft seeds for survival islands 


Jungle Island 

For Minecraft players who want a wholesome survival experience, Jungle Island is a great seed. You spawn on a medium-sized island with a beautiful jungle when you use the seed.

It will be easy to build a shelter using trees, and you will have a few caves to explore and gather resources. The island itself is so beautiful that building can be even more enjoyable.

Seed Code: 05020703

  • Seed Code: -222843114633453212

For players who are seeking the full survival experience without extreme challenges, this Minecraft seed is perfect. Your character will spawn on an island near an ice biome when you use this seed.

You can also find a village on the mainland, a ravine, and a lot of loot to get your hands on if you swim there.

Survival Islands with an Ocean Monument

  • Seed Code: -9191030541317174164

Two islands await your new survivalist adventure when you’re dropped by the seed. On the coast, you’ll see a submerged ocean monument next to one of the islands.

You should take care as you move around the monument, and make sure you get some good loot, so that you can start.

Small Island

  • Seed Code: 5892019018549367076

Island survival enthusiasts will enjoy this Minecraft seed since it caters to their needs. There are only a few trees and a cave to explore on the island where you spawn.

The challenge of survival will be challenging, given the scarcity of resources. Challenge yourself and see if you can survive on the island without leaving.

Islands and Shipwrecks

Is there anything more realistic than an island survival challenge with multiple shipwrecks on the coast? That’s precisely what you get with this Minecraft seed.

Seed: Sprite

Originally, the Sprite seed was the basis for all “Survival Island” seeds. There are only a few trees on the island where you land. You must learn to survive on this island as long as you can. Resource sources are limited and the land is far away. It’s not like you have enough wood to build a boat.

Seed: 93819220

From the surface, this island seems like just another isolated spit of land until you realize the underwater stronghold right next to it. There are also two ocean monuments nearby, but you should find those on your own time. Overall, survival islands are the norm with a few additional activities if you have had enough of trying to survive.

Seed: 3854556177424684123

A beautiful island like this one boasts its fair share of trees. While there may be plenty of trees to craft and eat, the forest is populated with wolves. If you don’t feed them meat, they might become a problem for you in the near future. A mainland might be not too far away from the island, but getting there will be a challenge.

Seed: -4843434297086207654

On an island you don’t have to sacrifice nice things just because you’re there. With this survival island seed, you’ll get diamonds as well! A fissure with 11 diamond blocks is just waiting for you to excavate underneath one of these normal-looking islands. You’ll be living like a king in exile!

Seed: -8490482450382478731

In this biome, you will be able to move between three islands, and you will need to do this in order to stay alive. Only one tree and a bit of sugar cane can be found on the first island. As the island grows, so do the meager resources it provides. Good luck surviving this one.

Seed: 4807473561118841822

The beautiful mushroom biome island is not where you spawn, but you can see it from the standard island. There must be something really weird about mushroom biomes in Minecraft. You will at least have some other options in the event you tire of apples.

Seed: 3781795096936274275

This seed only offers two trees (and not many dirt patches), but it makes up for it with the enormous crater in the center. In the crater, you can find iron and coal if that makes any difference. It seems like I would like to go to the center of the planet and dig a hole.

Beginner Island – Seed: -833226092

  • Version: Java

This is the ideal island for everything you need, starting with survival mode, with a village, farm animals, wood, and lots of space. This is the ideal first challenge for people who are new to survival islands.

Tower Island – Seed: 540952873

  • Version: Bedrock

There is a high level of unique terrain, detail, and an overall exploration vibe on this Island. There is also a tower erected in the middle of the Island, giving the location a nice touch. The main Island is surrounded by a couple of smaller islands that continue the general theme of the mainland.

Taiga Island – Seed: -609263012

  • Version: Java

A coral island surrounded by trees and cows and pigs, this island is comprised of trees, a village, and underwater coral. A bonus village island can be found a little way away, so keep your eyes peeled. A rumor also claims that there is a hidden underwater ruin portal nearby.

Cavern Island – Seed: 1253738720

Initially, this Island seems to share many of the same characteristics as the many other islands out there. If you look closely, you will see that there are a number of deep underground caverns, which adds a sense of exploration and excitement to the game. There may be treasures hidden deep below the Island.