Viral Feature! Netflix Remotely Terminate the Friends Leeching off Your Subscription


Required: Netflix App on Your Android & iPhone

–Netflix launched the feature to view all the linked devices from the device–

The company plans to crack down on password sharing by the beginning of 2023. Before that happens, the company lays the groundwork and provides its subscribers with all the tools necessary to ease the transition. To begin, Netflix launched a Profile Transfer tool for migrating your Netflix profile between accounts.

A cheap new ad-supported tier was launched later with some major restrictions. The subscription streaming service is launching a new feature that enables you to manage your devices more easily.

Netflix recently introduced a new feature called Managing Access and Devices that shows all the devices you’ve used to stream content from Netflix. It keeps track of all your devices streaming content from Netflix, so the same smart TV or iPad may appear more than once.

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Furthermore, the approximate location of the smart TV, streaming box, tablet, PC, phone, IP address, date and time of the last watching, and the device type are also displayed.

Logging out of the streaming service can be done remotely by clicking the Sign Out button beside the device name. As a result, if you forgot to sign out of Netflix while you stayed at your friend’s place, you will now be able to do it through the new settings.

It was previously possible to manage and remove devices where you had downloaded content from Netflix. When you wanted to revoke access from a friend’s PC or TV, signing out of all devices was the only option. This feature differs from others because it allows you to see all devices signed into your account and log them out individually.

All Netflix subscribers can manage access and devices across iOS, Android, and the web starting today.