Nintendo Ruin Our Expectations of Princess Daisy in the Mario Movie

Nintendo Ruin Our Expectations of Princess Daisy
Nintendo Ruin Our Expectations of Princess Daisy

Mario movie lovers eagerly anticipate the upcoming Mario movie launching in December 2022. While current news from the Nintendo franchise has port followers saddened and even annoyed, it seems that the character Princess Daisy will not be making a presentation.

Moreover, Princess Daisy is a fan-desired character from the Mario franchise recognized for her energetic personality and monicker yellow and orange dress. However, she first seems in the 1989 game Super Mario Land and has since made influxes in several other Mario games, along with the Mario Byproduct games like the Mario Kart series.

Gossip has been mingling for months that Princess Daisy would be counting in the forthcoming Mario movie. That’s why fans were eager about the possibility of keen-sighted her on the big screen and were optimistic that her presence would add an extra coating of penetration of the movie.

Meanwhile, on March 9th, 2023, Nintendo announced that princess Daisy would not appear in the movie.

The announcement of Nintendo states, “We appreciate the hunger and love of our fans and the enthusiasm surrounding the upcoming Mario movie. However, after cautious attention, we have made the tough conclusion not to take in Princess Daisy in the film. We believe that our story is best told without her character participation.”

This declaration has ported many fans to feel dissatisfied; some have taken to social media to prompt their frustration.

A Twitter user tweeted, ‘How could they not include Princess Daisy in the Mario Movie? she is an important character of Mario’. Furthermore, another user tweeted, ‘I was looking forward to seeing Princess Daisy on the big screen. This is such a letdown.’

It is indistinct why Nintendo decided to eliminate Princess Daisy from the movie. The film producer may want to emphasize a small cast of characters to dodge awesome the audience. Or they just basically could not find a means to join her in the story without it feeling compulsory.

It is clear that the absence of princess daisy in the Mario movie has disappointed fans. It is vital to recall that this is just one feature of the film, and there is still much to look forward to.

The movie claims an all-star cast including Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya Taylor Joy as Princess Peach, and Jack Black as Browser, and is produced by Illumination Studio, known for the passionately successful Despicable Me franchise.

However, Princess Daisy may not be making a presence in the Mario movie, but fans can still adore her in the several Mario games and spinoffs. Plus, who knows, she will arrive in a future Mario movie.

Until then, we will just have to pause and see what other shocks Nintendo has for our future.

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