Mario Movie Release Date Announce for US & Others

Mario Movie Release Date Announce for US

Mario Movie Fans would like to know the release date for the highly anticipated Mario Movie, which was changed almost monthly at the moment, and now its premier has come out and forward again for the US and more than sixty other markets from all over the world.

The announcement was published through the official @Supermario Twitter account. In a tweet, the filmmakers declared, “The film will be released on 5th April 2023 in the United States, two days back from the previous announcement of 7th April. While other dates remain divided during April and May, further affirming that Japan’s release is still the same (Expected Date: 28th April).

As per the above statements, the stirrings, like on 5th April, also seem to apply to other states. However, it’s too earlier to predict which markets will see the change.

According to IMDb, the UK, and other European countries still keep the 7th April release date. Therefore, it seems like some fans have to wait a little longer. Thus, spoiler filters tighten the belts!

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