Working on Optimized Battery Charging on iPhone: Improve Your Battery %

optimized battery charging
optimized battery charging

The optimized battery charging means to reduce the battery timing of the iPhone, and it is a common problem for every iPhone user. If you have more than 3 years old iPhone, you will probably know the battery life effects of the iPhone because iPhone’s battery life is a little shorter than android mobiles.

Rechargeable batteries degrade over time in today’s electronics, resulting in less capacity to hold a charge and less peak power. This causes Apple to limit the performance of older phones to prevent unexpected shutdowns. In addition, Apple (iOS 13) introduced a new feature called optimized Battery charging that helps you to slow the rate of battery wear out. It won’t help your battery last longer on a single charge, but it will keep its charge for as long as you own it. And here is a blog guide that will help you read every section of the article.

What Is Optimized Battery Charging

The optimization of battery charging is the worst feature of the iPhone that allows your phone to learn from your daily life charging habits. As a result, it reduces your battery life, and you have to replace your battery.

The best way to get started withOptimized Battery Charging is to set up your iPhone’s power profile for Home or Car Charging. If you charge your phone at home, it will automatically adjust the charging schedule to match. This makes it possible to charge your phone at a lower rate than normal, resulting in less battery drain and longer battery life.

How Does Optimized Battery Charging Work on iPhone?

optimized battery charging iphone
optimized battery charging iphone

The battery of your mobile, which is made up of lithium-ion, has a finite amount of life. And rapidly drains your battery. It is a significant dissatisfaction because of your expensive iPhone mobile. But you can improve this default by reading our article or by reducing the charging time of your iPhone. This optimized charging default feature is available in all iPhones running iOS 13 & later. This feature is activated when your iPhone recognizes that it will be connected to the charger for a long time.

How to Disable OptimizedBattery Charging on iPhone?

These are the steps showing you – where to search out and charge the optimized battery charging setting on your iPhone. Here are the following steps to turn on or turn off the battery charging of the iPhone 7.

  • Open the Gray color setting app
  • Scroll down quickly and choose the battery option.
  • Click the Battery Health button.
  • By tapping the switch to the right, you can turn off or on OptimizedBattery Charging by a tap on the button to the right.

The iPhone’s battery life is a constantly thorny issue for many users. While each new iPhone model offers longer battery life, it diminishes over time as the battery ages.

Does OptimizedBattery Charge Slow Down Charge?

OptimizedBattery charging stops charging at 80%, and it will charge 20% only about a predetermined time. Therefore, this method is much slower than faster charging which charges your phone in a minute, but the mobile has long-term battery health.

Suppose you want to charge your mobile 100%, inactive the optimizedBattery charging option from the setting, and let it finish charging. Optimized BatteryCharging works best when iOS learns your daily habits, especially your sleeping habits. Because this data is at the core of the technology, Optimized Battery Charging may not work if you have irregular sleeping hours. In addition, it won’t work if you don’t keep it connected to a charger for an extended period while sleeping.

According to Apple, optimized charging is only triggered at home and work, where you spend most of your time. It is necessary to enable location services before optimized charging works.

What Is the Right Time to Replace a Battery?

If your phone’s battery health is less than 70%, it also may be time to replace the battery. Indeed, the older the phone you have, the lower your battery’s capacity will have. When your battery starts to drain out quickly, now it’s time to replace your battery. And it can save you from the mental frustration of having a phone that dies quickly – due to not having a long or lifetime battery.

Tips for Improving Longer Battery Time

Charging and discharging your battery, and holding the maximum charge, are not the only factors. That wears your battery out. iPhone has an avant-garde charging circuit that helps the battery keep in good condition. Therefore, you should be expected that your battery is working well. Here are some tips to keep iPhone battery timing long-lasting, so keep reading for the best.

  • Rapid charging from very cold to hot is pretty bad for your iPhone battery.
  • To keep your phone on charging in a hot car during summer is terrible for battery health.
  • Try to keep your battery on above 20%, so try not to let your battery completely discharge.
  • When you plan on leaving your phone unused for a week or more, run down your mobile battery. Until it’s below 80% but above 30%, and then turn it off.
  • Don’t fully charge your iPhone if you don’t need to, even if the Optimized Battery Charging feature may cause your phone to run longer.

Is Apple Take Care of Its Products?

Yes! Of course

Apple takes care of their products and makes a lithium-ion battery for their products because it has a long battery life span. Now apple has become easier because the company started to make optimized battery charging in iOS & Macs.

This feature should be kept on for your devices and used along with other battery health care measures. Take care of what you have, and turn on OptimizedBattery Charging today to avoid buying replacement batteries or new devices.


In conclusion, iPhone users are frustrated with the battery default of the iPhone like quick battery drain out. Indeed, the older the phone you have, the lower your battery’s capacity will have. If your phone’s battery health is less than 70%, it also may be time to replace the battery. So read the whole article to know the exact replacement time. And in the new versions of the iPhone, which version of iPhone has a unique feature of optimizing charging the battery.