What is Pal Mount and How to Ride it: Easy Guide 2024


The number of pals can be confusing to most players and for you as well. Here, we have explained the Pal Mount in detail.

What is a Pal Mount?

Mount pals are the ones you can ride on upon, it is a true asset to your exploration endeavors. These pals will allow you to cross the landscape at a greater speed. There are different types of Mounts in the Palworld game: one is for water, another for land, and one for the sky.

Because of this, it’s important to know which Pals are for the sky and can fly and how many of them are for the land, which will help you a lot to explore, so stay tuned till the end of this article.

How to Pal Mount in the Palworld

If you want to ride a Pal in the Palworld, you will have to catch the one who possesses the ability of being a mount. You can discover what is currently in your collection and whether any of the pals have that kind of ability by looking at their Partner’s skill.

If “can be ridden” is mentioned in any form, then you have got yourself a mount. However, you can’t just hop on a Pal and start exploring because you would fall off. Instead of this, you will have to make a saddle; if not done already, then it has to be unlocked from the Technology Menu. However, you will have to meet a number of requirements before doing so.

The Requirments to Mount Pal in the Palworld

First of all, you will have to catch at least one of those specific Pal Mounts to unlock the saddle. There are multiple options in the Technology Menu. You must’ve noticed that question marks hide the object you want to create these are the items that will require you to catch a very specific Pal to to unlock. Unlocking saddles are one of those items.

You must ensure that you are on the correct level in order to unlock that section of the Technology Menu. So, if not, it is time to gather some XP by catching Pals. You can gather resources and expand your bases, among other activities. Once you do this or you have already reached a specific level, then you need to ensure that you have enough Technology Points to unlock the recipe of the saddle.

The next step in mounting a Pal involves building a Pal Gear Workbench if you have not built it already, as it will allow you to create a variety of items that will help you to unlock new abilities of your Pals in the Palworld, and it requires you to:

Gather the resources that are needed to build a specific saddle. You will find all these items listed in the Technology menu and on the Pal Gear Workbench. Once you have collected these then, craft your saddle at the Pal Gear Workbench.  

When you have collected the completed saddle, toss your mount Pal out of its sphere, and then you will be able to ride it by pressing the correct prompt. You will get a large number of abilities that can be availed by you when riding your mount Pal.

Now this means if you want to ride a Melpaca, then you will have to catch these Pals first. You can find them in the beginning area or hatch from Common Eggs. Then, you will have to reach Level 7 and have one Technology Point Spare. When you achieve this, you will have to gather three Leather, five Wool, and five Paldium Fragments to gather the saddle on the Pal Gear Workbench. Once you make your saddle, you will be able to ride any of your Melpacas whenever you want to.

List of the Pal Mount

Here, we have mentioned all the mount Pals present in the Palworld, including whether they’re flying mounts or swimming mounts:

Mount Pal NamesMount TypeTier List
NitewingFlying MountD-Tier
SurfentSwimming MountC-Tier
VanwyrmFlying MountD-Tier
BeakonFlying MountB-Tier
RagnahawkFlying MountB-Tier
ElphidranFlying MountD-Tier