What are Palworld Medical Supplies; Simple Explanation 2024


Pal needs food, rest, and also need Palworld medical supplies! If you have no idea of what we are talking about, then let us explain you further about this:

When Pals fall sick during the early game, but since the Palworld has a pretty smooth curve, you will have to keep stocking up on the Palworld Medical Supplies. So, these special items can help you to cure your pals of various afflictions.

It is important to take care of Pals or to cure them as if they are sick, they become less productive. They also become slow, and that is something that you don’t want, even the pals who are some of your best workers. You can prevent this from happening by stocking up on Palworld Medical Supplies.

Types of Palworld Medical Supplies

These supplies are very important to maintain the health and well-being of the Pals. These supplies can range from different items used to cure “Weakened” or “Depressed” Pals. High Grade medical supplies crafted specialized at workbenches like Medieval medicine workbench.

High-grade Palworld medical supplies, each serving a different purpose:

  • Regular Medical Supplies: This treatment is used for treating common injuries like ulcers and fractures.
  • Low-Grade Medical Supplies: More suitable for minor issues such as colds and sprains.

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  • Medical Supplies

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  • High-Grade Medical Supplies

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If you want to craft the actual High Grade Medical Supplies, so you will need certain materials and ingredients that are essential:

  Ingredients  Description
  Flame Organ  They are dropped by Foxparks like creatures
  Electric Organ  They are obtained from specific electric-type Pals
  High Quality Pal Oil  They can be found in the Game world
  Bone  It is generic crafting material
  Ingot  It can be called as a refined from of minerals
  Fiber  It is used various crafting recipes
  High Quality Cloth  They can be crafted or acquired through trading

Palworld Medical Supplied Importance

These Medical supplies are very important for the user for restoring Pal’s sanity and health and ensuring that they can perform their best. However, crafting these supplies requires gathering specific materials throughout the Palworld game. It is a strategy in the game that can also be the difference between thriving or struggling on your Palworld game adventure.

You can craft your medical supplies by yourself once you reach Technology Level 12, where you can build the Medieval Medicine Workbench, as mentioned earlier. They allow you to craft a couple of other Consumables as well with materials like Horns, Ingots and Bones. Moreover, when you reach Technology Level 43 then, you can upgrade to Medicine Workbench, which will give you access to more consumables.

What to do With Medical Supplies?

Palworld Medical Supplies are used to cure your sick pals now, you must be very familiar with this. But there is a remedy for all of them, so you don’t have to worry about it.

But we must know the type of afflictions so that we are aware of what kind of medicine it would need. Namely, Colds and Sprains can be cured with Low-Grade Medical that can cure Fractures and Ulcers, Whereas Depressed and Weakened Pals, as mentioned earlier.                                 

However, when curing the Pals you should be aware that these remedies cure afflictions and do not restore health completely. You can only apply these Palworld Medical Supplies on the afflicted Pals. The only catch Is that the Pal needs to be at your party because Pals that are still in your Pal Box cannot be cured with the Medical Supplies. Doesn’t matter if these Pals are active or not.