Review: Is It the Best Tool for Paraphrasing?


Want to transform your dull and ill-structured articles into something unique and perfect? is the tool you need.

I have been using to fine-tune my writing projects and liked the results a lot. So, I am here to give you a full-fledged review of

In this article, you will learn everything about, including its latest features, pricing plans, and pros and cons.

You will also read my sincere words on’s results at the end. So, don’t skip over the end of the article.

Let’s get into it! Review: In A Nutshell

As the name suggests, is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that allows you to rephrase your content in the way you want. It repurposes your content by either substituting synonyms of the words or altering the sentence structure and it delivers results instantly, no matter what type of content you enter. not only works as a helping hand to rephrase complex sentences into more easier and understandable wording but also offers various writing modes to improve the quality of your work. 

This tool enables you to write in any style you want and will make the whole process as smooth as butter. No joke!

Its paraphrasing modes are;

  • Text Improver
  • Near Human
  • Plagiarism Remover
  • Creative
  • Quill Text
  • Academic
  • Sentence Rephraser

Whether you are struggling to write plagiarism-free content or rephrasing academic papers, has modes that will do the job perfectly.

Moreover, the web-based paraphrasing tool is free of charge and thus available to anyone who is busy writing articles, blog posts, essays, term papers, and other writing projects.

Last but not least, has other advanced features that make it stand out from other paraphrasing programs, such as;

  • Its thesaurus lets you replace words with their best synonyms
  •  Creates accurate titles for the paraphrased text automatically
  • Generates a quick overview (summary) of the entered text

How Does Work? (My Experience) offers a lot of benefits that may sound tempting to you, but how does it work? It’s been quite a while since I am personally using

My experience with Quillbot will help you understand how it works and how you can use it effectively to get better results. Can we start now? I think this must be the right time!

There is nothing complicated about how works. offers one of the smoothest and most straightforward interfaces, where all you have to do is copy and paste the text.

Then select paraphrase mode and click on Paraphrase, and that’s it. Your already written complex phrases or broken sentences will be transformed with a few mouse clicks. What I like most about the tool is its synonym and definition function, which lets you replace paraphrased words with better synonyms.

With this feature, it is much easier for me to edit and restructure my sentences according to my personal preferences.

However, the most phenomenal feature is the sentence rephraser mode, which allows you to reformulate at the sentence level. In this mode, you have the option to choose the rephrased sentence of your choice as it offers 2 sentence suggestions with the free plan and 10 sentences with the premium plan.

In my experience with, I also enjoyed using the grammar checker and the text summary tool.

Overall, is a complete solution for your writing needs. All the tools offered by worked flawlessly. Moreover, the different writing modes helped me to customize my content perfectly.

In conclusion, is an advanced writing assistant with additional benefits that you may not find with other big contenders.

Best Features in (What’s Exceptional)

By now, you probably know what is and how it works, but there are some upgraded features that I might have not mentioned earlier. Fret not! Here I am going to illustrate the exceptional features of that will be more useful to you.

Replace Words with the Most Suitable Synonyms has an extensive thesaurus that allows you to replace words with the most appropriate synonyms and find accurate definitions. This underrated feature is only found in advanced paraphrasing tools and fortunately, it is integrated into You can use this feature by double-clicking on the word you want to change.

This way you do not have to go to Google or a dictionary for every difficult word meaning or definition, and you can relax and concentrate on writing.

Advanced Writing Modes

You might be surprised by the paraphrasing modes that offers, but here we are. To help you rephrase the content in a customized way, offers a selection of seven advanced paraphrasing modes.

Its seven paraphrasing modes are specially designed for a particular purpose such as;

  • Text improver – to increase text fluency and tone
  • Near human – to rephrase text that sounds and looks professionally written
  • Plagiarism remover – remove duplicate content
  • Creative – give writing a creative perspective
  • Quill text – quills your text in different ways
  • Academic –  rephrases the academic papers into easy-to-read language
  • Sentence rephraser – allows sentence-level rephrasing

By using any writing mode from the above list, you can adjust your writing style and tone accordingly.

Accurate titles generates the accurate titles for your content after comprehending its context.

No other paraphrasing tool currently offers this feature. This automated feature does not require any human interaction. When you rephrase the content, the title will be generated automatically.

Generate Quick Overview (Summary)

There is a shortcut key available in the bottom right corner of the that you can use to generate a quick summary of the rephrased content. You can simply tap on the Overview button to generate a summary of the entered text. You can use this feature to extract key points from lengthy papers, saving you time and effort. Pros & Cons

This AI-powered paraphrasing tool has exceptional features that make it a standout. However, does have some shortcomings as well. Here’s a closer look at them: Pros

  • Most features are available with the free version.
  • 7 different paraphrasing modes are available.
  • The option of changing the words with their synonyms is available.
  • You can use all paraphrasing modes for free except Quill text and Academic.
  • offers a suite of other writing tools
  • A robust overview (summary) can be generated in no time.
  • A rare feature of title generation is available Cons

  • Distracting interface due to ads
  • Rephrases only 1000 characters for free’s Pricing is a game-changing paraphrasing tool that offers most of its features and functionalities for free. It offers the following features with its free and premium plans;

Free plan

It is accessible free of cost. You do not need any registration or sign-up process to use its free plan. Additionally, you can use most of its paraphrasing modes, including; Text improver, Near human, Creative, Plagiarism remover, and sentence rephraser.

Moreover, you can rephrase the 1000 characters for free. With its free plan, its outstanding features, such as title generation, overview writing, and synonym changing, are available as well.

Premium plan

If you need to rewrite content in bulk or if you need its academic mode and quill text, its premium plan is more affordable than its competitors.

You can purchase its premium is only $19.99 per month. With its premium, you will have access to all paraphrasing modes with an extended word count limit of up to 10,000 characters.

Final Thoughts on Is It the Best Tool For Paraphrasing?

Without a doubt, unexpectedly surprised me. Compared to its competitors, has several features that I would appreciate for a lifetime.

Nevertheless, always provides a user-friendly experience without any lags. In my experience with, the program is also frequently updated and adapted to the needs of its users.

Shortly, will get many more cool features. It is the best paraphrasing tool available to date. Let this fabulous paraphraser help you come out of your shell! You will surely be surprised by the results.