Must-Have Tool For Influencers To Effortlessly Grow Their Instagram

Tool For Influencers
Tool For Influencers

By 2025, Instagram is projected to have over 1.4 billion active users and over 200 million business accounts. It is an amazing tool for influencers for brand marketing.

As an influencer on Instagram, you should use your account to market your products and services, increase post interaction, and expand your online business by running influencer campaigns. In this article, we consider the right tool to help your social media management.


Features of Canva is a graphic design tool for influencers with a very easy-to-use interface. It is suitable for big and small Instagram influencers. It is one of the best tools for making graphical Instagram posts. Users can access drag-and-drop designs, fonts, custom layouts, and a wide array of sample images.

Canva offers access to many copyrighted graphics for a small $1 fee. With many design options, you can find the right one for your Instagram post.


The Instagram business account audit provided by Iconosquare is free of charge. Your Instagram audit offers tips for improving your social accounts’ performance over the past month. 


Stories is a leading Instagram feature that has transformed visual storytelling on the platform, allowing users to create 15-second video clips and images. However, making Instagram stories from long videos can be difficult and time-consuming.

Cutstory has premium tools that allow you to remove watermarks, enable longer sections, and simplify video splitting, making it easy to upload as stories. Users can also automate the conversion of longer videos into 15-second parts for a seamless Instagram story flow.


Keyhole is the perfect tool for creating the best campaign on Instagram as it provides analytics and hashtag tracking features. 

If you’re an influencer who uses branded hashtags with Keyhole, you can calculate these tags’ ROI. If you’re partnering with other influencers, you can also measure their impact on your hashtags.


Onlypult is great for effective social media management. This tool for influencers allows Instagram to schedule posts at optimal publishing times. Scheduling your post ahead of time increases productivity and reduces the need for real-time posting. 

Onlypult supports post-delivery scheduling without requiring confirmation at the time of delivery. It also has a tool for categorizing hashtags for future use.

Instagram Insights

Instagram offers business accounts and influencers access to commercial tools such as Insights. You can obtain information on your followers when they are most active, and the content with the most engagement.


Inshot is a dynamic content creation and editing tool for influencers that can be used to enhance Instagram stories. It offers unique video options such as trimming, merging, inserting music, voice-overs, and more. Inshot also allows you to rotate, flip, and add emojis/filters to images and videos, which improves the overall quality of your Instagram post.

Hootsuite advanced analytics

Hootsuite Advanced Analytics provides an in-depth analysis of your Instagram account. This result-oriented application generates tables, graphs, and KPI summaries to help you calculate the ROI of your ad campaign across all social media channels. Influencers can also check how your campaign metric compares to competitors. 


Linktree is an online platform or tool that allows users to create custom links with many links within. Instagram only allows you to add 5 bio links, while Linktree helps you to make the best of this link by adding all your social media links. Linktree includes a free-of-charge and paid version, depending on your needs. 


A multipurpose photo editing app, VSCO helps you create Instagram-worthy images. It provides an extensive library of filters, including some film-like effects. VSCO has a standard photo editing option and a unique slider for film-like variations.


As an influencer, consistent high-quality content is vital for account growth. But constant creation is exhausting. With InstaDLL, influencers can download photos and videos from their Instagram or others’ pages to repurpose or repost on Instagram. This saves hours of creation time, letting influencers focus on strategizing traffic-building content. 

The tool allows batch downloading of Instagram videos, photos, and stories so influencers have media assets ready for future posts. Use the frequently asked questions section to learn everything you need about using the platform.

Using the Right Instagram Tool for influencers will Positively Impact the growth

As an Instagram influencer marketer, you should manage your Instagram with tools designed to help automate tasks effectively. This will help you save time you can channel to other tasks to increase your reach and engagement.

Select tools that provide in-depth analytics, and photo editing, and increase engagement rates. Applying data-driven decisions to your social media calendar can make all the difference and offer you much-needed growth in 2024.