PlayStation Plus Will Get one of the Best PS5 Games

Playstation Plus Will Get one of the Best Ps5 Games
Playstation Plus Will Get one of the Best Ps5 Games

One of the best PS5 games, Bridge of Spirits, will be available on PlayStation Plus this month. So, if you could not enjoy this stunning PS5 title when it was first launched, now is the perfect chance to play the game. You can check our list: PlayStation Plus Game Catalog Lineup for March 2023 Released

According to reports, Kena is an action-adventure game that merges puzzle-solving and action components. The game comes with some great art direction as graphics, and the perspective of the game is quite cool as it has some pretty loving characters. The game belongs to the indie studio Ember Lab, and it’s quite a fantastic game.

However, Kena is considered one of the best games as it appears like Kena was well-deserving of the best title. If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you don’t have to purchase the game in full. Though, the game’s price is quite worth it.

The game Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be available on PlayStation Plus on April 18. Keep in mind that it is already available on PS5. It’s significant for gamers to note that this isn’t one of the April free games. Albeit, if you use the service, you certainly already are aware of this. The game will be available in the PS Plus library. To access the game by buying it on the console, you will therefore require a PlayStation Plus extra or premium subscription.

The standard edition is available only for $18 if you would rather just purchase it. The discount coupon expires, and now you must purchase it for $39.99. Additionally, the digital deluxe edition is also available for just $22.49 (regularly $49.99). You can avail of the discount until April 26; hence, it provides more value.