Samsung’s Exynos Chip for Galaxy S25 May Have Optimized AMD GPU

Samsung’s Exynos Chip for Galaxy S25
Samsung’s Exynos Chip for Galaxy S25

New information leaks that Samsung is bringing the dream Exynos Chip for the Galaxy S25. This is expected to be released in 2025 and is believed to prove better performance than previous-generation Exynos Processors from the company.

However, this new Samsung Exynos chipset will feature nine CPU cores, Four Cortex-X cores, and more optimized advanced technologies.

Many reports, including Qualcomm, have said that Samsung will exclusively use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor in the Galaxy S23 series as the firm is ditching Exynos because of its bad performance.

But, now Samsung is planning to come back in 2025 with a new mobile processor from the ground up, particularly for Galaxy devices. A new leak claims that Samsung reportedly gather a “Dream Team” for the cause.

According to Tipstar, AMD and Samsung are working together on a new Exynos chip, which will be based on AMD’s Radeon technology and will focus on enhancing optimization. Samsung Galaxy S25 series Exynos chipset will comprise a tri-cluster, nine-core CPU in a 4-4-1 configuration with four Cortex-X cores, four Cortex-A7xx Cores, and One Cortex-A5xx core. It seems like the singular cortex-A5xx core will manage background tasks, including powering the AoD. However, the whole Cortex-X core could reserve one for One UI and GoS. The other will be used for usual tasks, gaming, and other purposes.

Earlier-generation Exynos chipsets have given away lower performance and bad power efficiency than their Snapdragon counterparts. And it’s quite awful that Samsung was using these Exynos chips in its flagship phones in some states while users in other areas were getting better Snapdragon chips. For this, the company faced lots of criticism, so it decided to use Snapdragon chipsets in the Galaxy S23 & S24 exclusively.

Moreover, leaks claimed that Samsung MX (Smartphone Division) gathered a team of around 1,000 engineers to function on a custom high-end processor for future Galaxy Smartphones. Although, the company later announced that it plans to work more closely with the Exynos team to develop a better-optimized chip for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.