SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker will track your rankings and find you the most relevant keywords

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker is a perfect fit not only for tracking keyword rankings in multiple search engines but also for searching for the most relevant keywords. It provides all-encompassing tracking capabilities to monitor your website’s performance.

The tool is not just an in-depth Google rank checker, it tracks keyword rankings for various search engines used in different countries. You can add your target keywords and specify the search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., and locations, for example, United States, Japan, etc. You’ll get updated data on ranking for your keywords.

Rank Tracker also keeps a historical record of keyword rankings tracking. The progress in rankings over time can be viewed, thus you can see whether your SEO decisions were correct and opportune. In addition to tracking your own rankings, Rank Tracker enables you to monitor the rankings of your competitors. You can add competitor websites and track whether their keyword strategy is successful. It will help you to mirror the tactics of the websites that rank higher for a specific keyword that your website also ranks for.

Rank Tracker makes sure that rankings can be tracked in certain geographic locations, which is beneficial for businesses working in different markets. Enabling location-specific tracking will make you aware of how good or bad your website versions are doing in different countries.

Rank Tracker allows you to track keyword rankings for mobile devices as well. Considering how many entries users make now via mobile gadgets, it is extremely important to track your website performance for mobile phones and tablets.

With the tool, you’ll gain insights into various SERP features, including featured snippets, knowledge panels, local packs, etc. You can assess the ranking positions of these features for your target keywords to learn whether your website is optimized enough for these features.

Rank Tracker generates ranking reports comprising keyword rankings and metrics. Reports customization is pretty flexible, so you can choose what to focus on. You can export your reports in different formats and schedule their distribution.

The tool checks every keyword for such metrics as the number of searches, expected visits, competition, cost per click, keyword difficulty, and organic traffic as well as indirect ones, including the correlation analysis with the distribution of SERP rankings compared to other factors.

For example, search volume metric shows the average monthly search volume for each keyword. It gives you an idea of how popular a keyword is and helps you identify high-demand keywords to target. Rank Tracker calculates a visibility score that represents the overall visibility of your website in search results for all tracked keywords. It takes into account the rankings, search volumes, and click-through rates for each keyword. Organic Traffic metric estimates the amount of organic traffic your website receives based on the keyword rankings and search volumes. It helps you assess the potential traffic impact of your keyword performance. The tool is also an efficient keyword difficulty checker, as Rank Tracker evaluates the competition level for each keyword by assessing factors such as the number of competitors, their domain authority, and the quality of their backlinks. The keyword difficulty score helps you understand the level of effort required to rank higher for a specific keyword.

Besides, Rank Tracker allows for deep competitor analysis, finding keywords your competitor use, as well as finding your closest competitors by domain, topic, and studying the success factors of your competitors’ top rated pages.

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