Should Successful Entrepreneurs Be Tech Savvy?

Successful Entrepreneurs
Successful Entrepreneurs

Brick-and-mortar businesses were dying out even before the pandemic hit. But since March 2020, many more of these businesses have closed for good. Because of this, modern entrepreneurs understand that business needs to be done in a digital space.

This is why having a website for your business is now essential. The good news is that website templates from website builders make creating a website an incredibly intuitive process that will result in a beautiful and functional site for your company. Templates make it possible for you to customize your website according to your specific needs and your target audience. In other words, they don’t require programming knowledge or tech expertise.

However, does this mean that entrepreneurs do not need to be tech savvy to succeed? In theory, the answer is yes. Entrepreneurs can get away with knowing very little about technology even in today’s digital world.

But there are significant reasons why being tech savvy gives entrepreneurs a big advantage. Here are some of them:

Save Money

The most basic reason it helps for entrepreneurs to be tech savvy is that they can save a lot of money. Technophobic business people tend to turn to employees or contractors to solve any issues that will come up on their way. When their business requires something vaguely tech-related, the impulse is to find a freelancer or hire someone.

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs can save money by doing a lot more themselves. Instead of hiring someone to take care of the website, they can figure out the website builder and even work on customization themselves. They can troubleshoot problems that come along without having to throw money at the issues.

This is not to say that entrepreneurs should be doing everything. However, many things can be taken care of without spending too much time on them, if they simply have the knowledge at hand. In the end, having this type of independence to tackle tech-related issues can save any entrepreneur a lot of money and time.

New Opportunities

Tech savvy entrepreneurs also tend to be open to new opportunities that will require technological solutions. Instead of seeing these opportunities as unrelated to their business, they find ways to incorporate them into what they do. They expand their business to provide more products or services, offering more to their customers, while technophobic entrepreneurs might end up getting left behind and losing significant opportunities, which also means losing existing and potential customers.

For some businesses, simply creating an app can make them more accessible to the general public. Business owners without any tech knowledge can hire someone to create an app for them. But tech savvy business owners will be able to identify the functions that will benefit potential customers. They will understand how to use an app to improve their offerings.

Most opportunities in today’s world are in the digital space, no matter what industry you happen to be in. The simple reality is that all startups now have an element of technology. Tech savvy entrepreneurs are best placed to take advantage of the digital world.


An understanding of technology also opens up entrepreneurs to partnerships with other companies. Anyone running a successful business knows that other successful entrepreneurs are constantly looking to network. They know that they will meet people from different industries with ideas that may entice them.

A good technological basis gives entrepreneurs the confidence to engage with other business people. Instead of keeping themselves within the narrow confines of their own industry, they make themselves available for partnerships with companies they may otherwise never have even heard of.

People who see the digital side of their business merely as something useful don’t even know how many opportunities are passing them by. While this is fine for those who are content with their current success, it hamstrings those who want to expand on what they’ve built.

Customer Service

Whether or not a business is based around technology, most customers will use technology to interact with customer service. For a start, they will make contact through social media pages. However, many will feel that customer service is more accessible when there are apps available or even an AI chat.

An aversion to tech in 2022 means an aversion to one’s own customers. People today are living in the digital space, and your business should meet them there. If you only occasionally pop in to try to take advantage of their presence, you are bound for some significant missteps.

The world is changing and all businesses need to have some level of digital presence. Many businesses do get away with using technology only when necessary. However, the most successful entrepreneurs today are tech savvy and are open to new ideas that will grow their businesses. Customers will pick up on this, and so will potential business partners.