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spore cheats

Having a set of Spore cheats at your disposal will allow you to play God, giving you complete control over your creations and the worlds they populate. Additionally, to be able to earn additional money or unlock levels early, you can change how the game looks and customize a whole lot by entering some of the simple Spore cheat codes we’ve listed here.

Watch out for the Joker Badge on the screen; this means that earning achievements have been disabled because of the code entered – don’t save after that point unless you don’t plan on unlocking any awards during the remainder of your playthrough. Here are some Spore cheats and tricks to get you started.

Spore is a game that allows players to develop microorganisms into complex creatures using a life simulation. You can improve your game by using Spore cheats.

Players can create their creatures, vehicles, and buildings and share them with other players or use cheats on PC, Android, iOS, etc. For these purposes. It is divided into different stages and players can design their creatures and content in different stages throughout the game. We will tell you how to get to the next stage of this game with cheats in this article. You might be empowered if you know how to use multiple cheats for this game.

How to Use Spore Cheats 

You can use the Spore cheats code by opening the console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C, and then typing your selection into the console and pressing Enter. You can close the console by pressing the Escape key or clicking on the X.

Spore cheat codes list

  • moreMoney – you will receive $1,000,000 in space and $2,000 in civilisation
  • refillMotives – Refuel your health as well as other motives
  • addDNA – Get 150 DNA points
  • unlockSuperWeapons – Superweapons are unlocked
  • spaceCreate – Enables and recharges creation tools while playing in space
  • freedom [on/off] – No longer pollinates creations that exceed editor complexity limits (on) or enables them again (off)
  • evoadvantage – When you start a new Creature game, enter this cheat to choose any creature from the Sporepedia, so that you can start a new game with your most evolved creature
  • levels -unlock – To unlock all stages, enter the main menu. However, some achievements will not be unlocked.
  • levels -unlockAdventures – Access all Maxis adventures by going to the main menu
  • SetTime [h, m] – Calculates the time for your Avatar’s position, as well as the speed multiplier
  • universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency # – Determine how frequently pirates will raid your system
  • universeSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency # – Determines how often your allies will be raided by pirates
  • universeSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency # – Controls the rate at which your system will be pillaged by pirates
  • movie – See all movies
  • blocksmode – Converts creatures into blocky representations
  • highresTextureLevel [off/low/medium/high] – Modifies the building and vehicle texture quality
  • stylefilter [style] – Give your game the following unique looks:
  • stylefilter -filmNoir
  • stylefilter -microscope
  • stylefilter -nextgen
  • stylefilter -norainbows
  • stylefilter -oilPaint
  • stylefilter -none – remove any filters used
  • adventureLook [style] – Create a unique look for your published adventures:
  • adventureLook -eightbit
  • adventureLook -filmnoir
  • adventureLook -norainbows
  • adventureLook -sepia
  • adventureLook -sixteenbit
  • adventureLook -watercolor
  • adventureLook -none – remove any filters used
  • setConsequenceTrait [trait] – apply the following traits:
  • setConsequenceTrait cell carnivore
  • setConsequenceTraitcell_herbivore
  • setConsequenceTraitcell_omnivore
  • setConsequenceTraitcreature_aggressive
  • setConsequenceTraitcreature_social
  • setConsequenceTraitcreature_mixed
  • setConsequenceTraittribe_aggressive
  • setConsequenceTraittribe_social
  • setConsequenceTraittribe_mixed
  • setConsequenceTraitciv_military
  • setConsequenceTraitciv_economic
  • setConsequenceTraitciv_religious
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_bard
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_diplomat
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_ecologist
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_knight
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_scientist
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_shaman
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_trader
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_wanderer
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_warrior
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_zealot
  • rename planet [new name] – Rename the selected planet
  • rename star [new name] – Rename the selected star
  • freeCam – Rotate the Free Cam
  • pauseUIVisible – Determines whether the pause frame is visible
  • toggleCaptureUI – Toggles UI for image capture
  • capturePlanetGIF – creates a spinning GIF of your planet and saves it into the “Animated Avatars” directory
  • antiAliasGIF – Generates animated GIFs of your planet, which are saved in your “AnimatedAvatars” directory
  • killallhints – get rid of all hints
  • help – contains a list of cheat codes
  • help [cheat code] – Detailed information regarding a particular cheat command
  • help -full – Displays a more detailed description of cheat commands
  • history – Displays a list of most recent commands
  • option – displays a list of options
  • prop – display/modify properties
  • clear – clear console
  • quit – quit game


Your creatures are tracked in Sporepodia, along with their evolution and achievements. One can obtain it by spore more money cheats, and it records the buildings, planets, and vehicles that one has built with money. On the website Spore.com, players can publish their creations for everyone to see.


What is the best way to cheat in Spore?

For the console screen, press Ctrl+shift+C. You will then be presented with the spore console screen. Type in your desired cheat code and click Enter. If you’d like to close the window, just press ESC or click the red “X.”.

In Spore, how do you access the cheat menu?

You can access the cheats menu by pressing the keys Ctrl + Shift + C, then typing in “help” (without quotes) to view the cheats list.

What is the secret to getting an epic creature in Spore?

By holding shift and scrolling the mouse wheel within the Adventure Creator, the player can resize the creature into the epic. The creature will automatically grow from Rogue to Half-Epic size, then can be made even bigger until it reaches its maximum size.

In Spore, what does the Joker badge do?

In Spore, the Joker badge is present on the Space Stage. The player acquires it by using a cheat in the game. A cheater badge indicates a game has been cheated on and will disable further achievements in that game.

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