Starfall Games: Students Must Explore for Free

Starfall games

At Starfall Games, students will have fun while they learn.

Starfall Games was launched in 2002 and uses phonics and other word games to teach children for free. It can be used for all ages of students, from emerging readers to those struggling to read fluently. These games can also appealingly teach English and maths. Teachers can access this platform and engage them for a long time. Even anyone can easily access it at home.

Let’s unveil such enthusiastic games in this article.

3 Reading Options on Starfall Games

When you visit the website, you can view three sections: Kindergarten and Pre-K, Grades 1, 2, 3, and Grades 4,5. Click on each section and explore it according to your grade.

Let’s learn what each section contains here:

1.  Kindergarten and Pre-K Option

Kindergarten and Pre-K Option

Level 1: ABCs

The first level of the Kindergarten and Pre-K section in Starfall Games is “ABCs.” It helps children to learn the alphabet while constructing phonemic awareness. Starfall offers students with all the letters A to Z in upper and lower case form. When you click on a letter, it is displayed on the screen, and students can hear the pronunciation of the alphabet.


In all Starfall content, fun graphics and movement are added in videos that bring the concepts to life. Furthermore, Starfall provides activities for colors and motion songs.

Level 2: Learn to Read

In the “Learn to Read” section, the student will read different vowel and consonant sounds while dragging the vowels and alphabet. Click on “an” as seen in the image below.

Learn to Read

After that, a video of “an” will be displayed on your screen. In the video, students will learn the sound of “an” and try to complete the word by adding the right alphabet with “an.”

alphabet with an

In this way, students will learn the phonetics and be aware the how to blend sounds to create words.

blend sounds

Level 3: It’s Fun to Read

In the third level, fun reading games consist of different options like:

  • All About Me!
  • Art Gallery.
  • Magic.
  • Music.
  • Poetry.
  • Tongue Twisters.
  • Bird Riddles
It's Fun to Read

Through Starfall games, students develop master’s reading skills while introducing children to enhanced reading that is more complex. Students have a wide range of options to enjoy; don’t wait any longer and explore these options at

2.  Grades 1, 2, 3 Option

Grades 1, 2, 3 Option

In this section, they have divided English subjects between “Grade 1” and “Grade 2-3.” in Grade 1, you can view three options: ‘Learn to Read,’ ‘It’s Fun to Read,’ and ‘I’m Reading.’ In Grades 2-3, you can learn about ‘Historical Folk Songs,’ ‘More Phonics,’ and ‘Talking Library.’ further, you have other sections to explore, like Maths for Grades 1,2,3 and Seasonal Maths games.

3.  Grades 4, 5 Option

Grades 4, 5 Option

In this section, you can see two subjects: English and Maths. In English, students will learn about spelling, commas, crosswords, suffixes, either/or, confused words, and poems.

English 4,5

 On the other hand, in the Maths section, students will learn about converting, division, symmetry help, symmetry, fractions, factor pairs, comparing, expanded forms, and ordering.

Maths section

Moreover, Starfall games have much more to explore, along with a free app to explore for students on the iPad and iPhone.

What are you waiting for? Try out and let us know what you think.