Top- 8 Applications for Students

Usual journals and textbooks are being gradually replaced by applications for study for English, Maths, Biology, and others. It’s been a while since all spheres of our lives started their integration in our smartphones, and it was only a matter of time when it would come to the educational field.

Now the whole library can be literally placed in a smartphone, and the students no longer need to carry the heavy backpacks filled with books. This core change has definitely made the students’ lives easier and their postures better.

That’s why we have compiled some of the useful applications for students in this article for you to be on the same page with the most modern and innovative students.  These applications could easily improve your learning process and help you to deal with everyday difficulties in your studies. By the way, if you are having a hard time writing essays for your assignments, check out the new essay helper.


The application helps to solve math formulas. It uses the camera of a smartphone or tablet to recognize the text and numbers. You just need to bring the gadget to the formula you want to solve, and the program, in its turn, will scan it and provide a solution.

It is important to note that Photomath recognizes not only formulas printed in a textbook but handwritten text as well. The application also knows how to solve problems with integrals, build graphs, edit formulas. This would be a great option for students who are studying the exact sciences. But don’t forget that the solution to the formula is not everything; you have to understand how the solution came about.

Microsoft Math Solver

Yes, there is one more application that helps to solve mathematical tasks. This app will be in handy for students who study algebra, trigonometry, statistics, mathematics. Microsoft Math Solver, as well as the program Photomath, can recognize printed and handwritten text, scan it, and then provides you with a solution. Moreover, Math Solver from Microsoft offers the student to watch some video lectures on the subject in order to understand how you can solve the task.


The most popular free program for fast learning of English and other languages. You will learn the language in the form of a game, and for each wrong answer, you will lose your virtual lives. Players can earn virtual currency, open new levels, learn new words and phrases.

Duolingo adapts lessons for each user, allowing you to explore the chosen subject thoroughly. However, just in case your language proficiency is still not good enough for completing some writing assignments, you can always use as a helper in writing a unique essay.

English Grammar Test

This program offers 1,200 grammar tasks and covers absolutely all tenses, verbs, and grammar issues. This way, you can take only one test a day but test your knowledge in several topics at once. So if your English still requires some improvements, install this useful application right now. But don’t worry if you miss one or two grammar topics; is always ready to help you out with creating an original and grammatically correct essay.


The application “Chemistry” helps students to solve chemical equations, explains the difference between organic and inorganic. With this app, it is also possible to send chemical reactions to friends through social networks. In addition, the application has built-in Mendeleev tables, the solubility of substances, and a molar mass calculator.

Physics Formulas

The app contains all the necessary physical formulas, laws, and rules. This is a good collection of physics for your studies, where you can quickly find the right formula for the task.

Microsoft Office Lens

This program can scan everything that is written on the blackboard and then convert the received results into a PDF file. Therefore, if your fellow students missed a lesson or a couple, you could scan the lecture and send it as a PDF file to your friend.

Microsoft Office Lens can scan any surface, including blackboard, whiteboards, stands with flip pages, and much more. The only drawback of the program lies in the fact that it catches any glares, so before you scan, make sure that the lighting is suitable.


A program that works in conjunction with a dicta phone and can convert human speech into printed text. This is an extremely useful application for lectures.  The speech is being converted into text with the help of Cloud Speech API, which is used in Google Voice Assistant.

Apps for studying are an ultimate blessing?

Of course, we have mentioned only some of the useful applications for studying. Without any doubt, they are making the student’s life and studies in general easier. However, you should always remember that gaining any knowledge is hard work, but it’s rewarding. And you should use the apps only as helpful tools and not as the main solution.