Tesla Model Y Drives in the Dubai Flood

Tesla Model Y Drives in the Dubai Flood

Many vehicles were seen stuck in Dubai’s flooded water across the city. But Elon Musk’s vehicle caught the attention of internet users as the Tesla Model Y drives in the Dubai flood.

On social media, videos and pictures show the inside of the car while it drives in a flooded city with rain. The water hikes higher and higher from the outside. Well, at one point, the flood covered the entire windshield, blocking almost all visibility. However, people said that the Model Y navigates in the active Tesla boat mode.

Many internet users are impressed with this. But do you know how it is possible?

Actually, the Tesla vehicles run on electric motors that don’t consume air, unlike an inner-fire engine. It makes the Tesla vehicles capable of navigating through flooded streets. 

However, drivers need to exercise caution when driving on flooded streets because electricity and water don’t go well together. But the water waddling feature certainly comes in handy in situations like this one.