Tesla Model Y: The Revolution in Automotive Technology

Tesla Model Y

Want to buy a Tesla Model Y but are confused about which model you should buy? Well, we are here to guide you about the Model Y, its prices, interior, drive performance, battery life, and which model you should buy.

About the Tesla Model Y

The Model Y is a battery-electric mid-size crossover SUV based on the Model 3. It is Tesla’s 5th vehicle production model, launched in March 2019 following the Tesla Model 3. Almost 76 percent of parts of Model Y and Model 3 are the same and are shared between the two. And it seems like someone uploaded an image of Model 3 into Photoshop and started extending its proportion. So, extra size means the extra space inside.

Well, the Model Y appeals to buyers who are looking for the realism of an SUV with all the tech and efficiency a drive is expected from a Tesla. However, recently, the Tesla Model Y was driven in the Dubai flood, which shows the efficiency of this vehicle.

Tesla Model Y Version and Price

Model Y All-wheel drive$44,990
Model Y long-range$49,990
Model Y performance$54,490

Interior and Comfort Level

The Tesla Model Y does not come with larger as the Tesla Model X and does not sit at the standards of electric SUVs. Its interior is mainly free of buttons and depends on a large touchscreen display placed at the center of a neat dashboard. The tinted all-glass roof gives an airy ambiance to the cabin.

However, the interior is quite noisy because the entire roof is made of glass, which does not absorb sound very well. You will hear road noise and boom from the suspension when you are driving. Furthermore, the optional third-row seats are very uncomfortable as they can’t fit adult-size passengers.

Model Y Drive Performance

Model Y is not quite as fast as Model 3. The standard Range comes with rear-wheel drive, and the long-range and performance models come with dual motors. The dual motors offer a higher combined horsepower rating and all-wheel drive.

The long-range model delivered 60 mph in 4.4 seconds, and the performance model delivered 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. However the Tesla Model Y has striking acceleration, but it does not offer the same level of gratification as the Tesla Model 3.

Battery and Range

The Tesla’s battery life for Model Y is very competent; well, it is up with the very best when it comes to extending every possible mile from a battery full of electricity. The Tesla company gives you a 4-year/50,000-mile warranty while the battery and drive unit are covered separately for 7 years or 120,000 miles.

However, the Model Y has a claimed range of 283 miles, the Long Range has a maximum range of 331 miles, and the Performance is quoted at 319 miles. The charging speed of Model Y versions is the same as you can get up to speeds of 250kW at a fast charger that adds about 150 miles of Range in 15 minutes.

Which Model Y Should You Buy?

The Tesla Model Y comes in 3 main models: all-wheel drive base-model standard Range, Long Range, and performance. As per our research and tested drive, we recommend you to buy the Long Range Model. It offers sufficient battery range and more than enough performance. Moreover, it saves you a few thousand over the model y performance, which is a flash to drive but has an uncomfortable ride and less Range.