Boost your Driving Experience with Tesla Stopping Mode in 2024

Tesla stopping Mode

Want to know about Tesla stopping mode?

What is Tesla Stopping Mode?

In November 2019, Tesla launched a new software version, Stopping Mode, which is Tesla’s regenerative braking system. This mode is designed to regulate exactly how the car will respond before the driver hits the brakes, just before a complete brake. So, stopping mode basically slows down your vehicle automatically when the accelerator pedal is released.

For Instance

Suppose you are in stop-and-go traffic; you might want your vehicle to roll forward when you take your foot off the brake. If you are in a standstill line at the drive, though, you probably want the car to stay still.

However, the Tesla stopping mode has three options.

1. Hold Mode

The hold mode can automatically slow your Tesla or bring it to a complete stop without you pressing the brake. Your vehicle will remain stopped as long as the accelerator pedal is touched on a flat, sloped surface or your car is in reverse position.

Moreover, hold mode enables one-pedal driving, in which your Tesla will start moving once you press the accelerator pedal again. One-pedal driving is challenging for the first time. But after three to four days of driving on one pedal, you will feel comfortable with it, and you can drive the entire day without touching the brake pedal. When your Tesla is in hold mode, it will brake more frequently, which can reduce brake wear and recharge the battery more effectively.

NOTE: Keep in mind that your Tesla will automatically shift into park mode if the driver door is open or it is stopped in hold mode for almost 10 minutes. To move your Tesla, you have to shift it into drive or reverse.

2. Creep Mode

The creep mode makes your Tesla like a gas-powered vehicle. So, if you step off the brake pedal when the vehicle is off, your Tesla will start to move forward slowly. The creep mode is a good option if you are new to Tesla or stop-and-go traffic conditions.

3. Roll Mode

In Roll Mode, your Tesla will act similarly to a neutral vehicle. The roll mode lets your Tesla roll freely when it is stopped or nearly stopped. If Tesla is on a hill, it will roll down a slope while in roll mode without automatically engaging the brakes or regenerative braking. When you press and hold the brake pedal during roll mode, your Tesla will automatically hold as it would in hold mode. Your Tesla will return to roll mode once you touch the accelerator.

Tesla Removes the Creep and Roll Mode from Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

As per the Tesla Company, all Creep and Roll are being removed from the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y built after January 1, 2024, for efficient Tesla battery life and range estimates and to make the display more accurate. However, for existing Tesla owners of Model 3 and Model Y, the creep and roll modes will not be removed by an over-the-air (OTA) Tesla software update. So, for new owners of Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3, the only available setting for Tesla Stopping Mode will be Hold.

How to Turn on Tesla Stopping Mode?

Caution: Don’t turn on or use Tesla stopping mode when you are driving with a heavy vehicle load, on a steep hill, or on wet or icy roads.

  • At first, park your Tesla.
  • Tap on the car icon on the touch screen.
  • Then tap on the Controls tab.
  • In control settings, tap on the Dynamics option.
  • Now tap on the Stopping Mode and select the mode that you want to choose.

How to Change the Tesla Stopping Mode?

  • First of all, park your Tesla.
  • Tap on the car icon that you will see at the bottom left side of the touch screen.
  • Now hover over the Pedals & Steering option.
  • Then, go to the Stopping Mode and select the mode that you want to choose.

Tesla Stopping Mode Creep vs. Roll vs. Hold: Which One is the Best?

One-pedal driving requires some time to adjust, but once you get used to it, you will probably enjoy it and feel more comfortable with it. Our team has reviewed which Tesla stopping mode is best. In this image, we have shown the voter’s reviews.

Tesla Stopping Mode Creep

Most of the Tesla owners preferred and voted for Hold Mode. Hold mode is proven to be highly efficient for daily driving, while the Creep and Roll modes offer the same level of sensation in certain situations. However, the best mode for you depends on your needs, personal preferences, and the condition that you are in. So, if you are thinking about which Tesla stopping mode works best for you, test all 3 modes to find out what works the best.


Q: Is Tesla’s stopping mode gone?
Ans: For Tesla electric vehicles manufactured after January 1, 2024, all three Tesla stopping modes are unavailable.

Q: Why is Tesla’s stopping mode grayed out?
Ans: Tesla stopping mode will gray out if your Tesla is not parked, driving on snow, or is charged over 95%.