Tesla Wants $15000 for A Model S Plaid Performance Package

Tesla Wants $15000 for A Model S
Tesla Wants $15000 for A Model S

Scorn what you may reflect of Tesla, you have to confess that the Model S Plaid is pretty savage with 1020 horsepower, 1.9 second 0-6 mph time, an effort strip mode, record-setting Nürburgring lap time, and car seat material from a 6 figure EV.

However, the main problem with the Plaid is that it has been missing in the brake and tire departments, which prevented the model from accomplishing its full probability.

Seemingly, Tesla knows this and has released a preparation as a performance bundle for the Model S Plaid. But it will cost you. Available for purchase through either the Tesla shop on the company’s website or the company application.

You get a carbon ceramic brake kit with high-performance brake pads, track-ready brake fluid, 285/35R20 Goodyear Supercar 3R tires in front, and 305/30R20 Goodyear Supercar 3R tires in the back. Moreover, the Tesla company always makes big claims regarding package capability, mainly that it unlocks a 200-mph top speed.

If you are not concerned about the tires, Tesla lets the carbon ceramic brake pedal be bought as a standalone option. With Tesla’s history of making big entitlements that may or may not come to execution, $15000 to $20000 is a giant ask for brakes and tires that should have arisen with the car right out of the gate.

In addition, oddly, Tesla does not enlighten why there is a $5000 spread on the package fee. So, tesla lovers just have to wait and see what ensues when plaid holders buy the package and put it on trial.

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