Tesla is About to Launch Big New Software Update With New Features &  UI Upgrades

Tesla is About to Launch Big New Software Update
Tesla is About to Launch Big New Software Update

Tesla is about to introduce a big newfangled software update (2023.12) comprising new features and many noteworthy variations to Tesla’s car user interface upgrades. Teslascope (A service that trails Tesla software updates) discovered a new update that the automaker is assertive to employee vehicles.

Below we have shared all big software updates of Tesla vehicles.

  • The company plans to suggest 2 different font sizes, standard and large, to help people read the interface well.
  • It also augments a search feature to the settings and control menu.
  • Tesla is also enlightening its points of concentration in its navigation system, with the cards adding photos and analyses of those locations.
  • The left steering wheel on Tesla vehicles scroll is used for media, but with a new update, Tesla will let drivers switch phone calls when a call is going on.
  • Users can fine-tune settings like brightness and acceleration Mode or accomplish actions like switching the Camera App, opening the glove box, and saving Dashcam footage with the new update of the left steering wheel.
  • Users can press the left scroll button to bring up a list of functions and scroll through the list.
  • The update also announces a new chime that sounds when changing gears; this sound effect is optional.
  • Users can alter the passenger seat from the rear touchscreen in Model S and Model X to make entering or leaving the rear seat easier. This controller is only obtainable when the vehicle is not moving.
  • Tesla is broadcasting its new feature, Get to Know Your Tesla, mostly an in-car on-screen vehicle manual.
  • Tesla is also carrying new advancements to its Zoom video calling application and making video calls obtainable in more markets.

However, the update is currently being strapped to Tesla employees to experience. It will probably increase the customer convoy in the coming weeks. While the software is still not concluded, things might vary slightly by then.

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