Top 3 Anime to Get Your Blood Pumping


Demon Slayer: Season 3 Airs After Making $417 Million Previously

The release of the new season 3 of the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, leaves fans shocked as to what the Ufotable had planned with this anime. The success of the previous movie; The Mugen Train was sure prominent enough (with $417 million worldwide) to drop the jaws of the whole world. The movie was officially recognized as the highest-grossing film of 2020.

The series was first aired in 2019 on Netflix and didn’t take too long to get viral from Japan into the US and then spread across the world. The story starts with a music track “Gurenge” sung by Lisa, and is full of depth and suspense.

The season starts with a charming family with action tragedy plunging in just after that. The uncensored cruel bloodbath of a family you almost connected with sure puts you in the trauma that the character himself experienced might just be the perfect (not saying kind) way the animators used to get the audience to straighten their backs while watching. This was the start of the obsession.

Encountering that his sister is turned into a demon herself after the demon kills the whole family, Tanjiro Kamado becomes obsessed with fixing his only family by getting her turned back into a human again. He sets off with a mentor to become a demon slayer. Nezuko on the other hand is seen asleep during his full year of training. As a demon, she needs to eat humans to survive and get energy but somehow, she’s managing to gather energy by sleeping.

Not to spoil the whole thing for you but that’s the details of how it starts off with such intensity. It only gets tougher as you go towards the end of the first season. It is streaming on Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. You can watch it on other platforms like Netflix as well but only if you are in Asia. The movie; Mugen Train is broken into a series of episodes if you watch it on Netflix.

The Daily Life of an Immortal King: OP

The only two words you can summarize the whole series are, Over Powered. This series is so powerful that even watching the beginning puts you in a position to feel the juices running through your veins.

I stumbled upon this series after watching the trailer and I’d say that’s the best thing that happened to me. It starts with the most powerful being just walking down the streets eating crispy noodles, who would know watching a kid walk down the street would almost kill the spiritual creature with a single kick?

If you haven’t watched this series, go ahead and do it RIGHT NOW. You won’t regret a single instant in any episode. It has all the high school but not as casual as any other high school series. Most of the high school series can’t help not bore us but The Daily Life of an Immortal King does it so well that this boring routine grabs you by your jugular every time something provocative happens to the main character.

Attack on Titan and the hype of last season

Attack on Titan came in 2013 and although not very popular then, it took the internet by storm at one point. Since its last season on January 10, 2022, this is all that the internet talks about, especially the web community.

The plot is from a medieval future where humans are confined in a walled city in order to hide from the Titans; giant humanoid cannibalistic creatures that roam Earth and have pushed humanity to extinction. The city is often attacked by the Titans and the special corps and military are the ones that have to fight off.

The story revolves around Eren Yeager, the protagonist whose mother gets eaten alive by a Titan. Eren Yeager joins the army to take revenge for his mother. Although he’s not alone in doing that, his friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlet join him and they end up being the best in the army with Mikasa being on top.

The music, the dialogues, and the overall suspense have every right to have the hype it has today. It’s not only well produced and well crafted, the overall co-ordinance of the series has kept the dark theme alive; from the start till the end.