Top Most Visited Websites In The World With Highest Visit Rate

Most Visited Websites
Most Visited Websites

Internet is a nonstop world that has become an essential part of everybody’s life today. The primary purposes for searching the internet are information or doing business and marketing. If you are spending more time online, it is pretty much likely that you must be familiar with some of the top-visited websites online. Today on the internet, there are a few websites that are dominating the internet with no competition. In this article, we shall tell you about the most visited websites on the internet.

Top Websites with most Monthly visiters:

  • Google has 92.5 billion monthly visits (world’s largest search engine)
  • YouTube has 34.6 billion monthly visits ( second largest search engine)
  • Facebook has 25.5 billion monthly visits ( world’s largest social media website)

The dominance of the above three giants is beyond match and competition. Combined, all three of them are occupying more than 150 Billion monthly visits. The benefit also came from the situation created after the pandemic that successfully transferred everything to the internet. education, businesses like Food, buying and selling of goods, etc. the fact of the matter is the majority of activities are now done and communicated online.

Most Visited Websites In The World
Most Visited Websites In The World

Top 6 Most Visited Websits According To Similarweb.Com Statistics

Website Name Monthly Visits Website Type 92.5B Search Engine 34.6B Video Streaming 25.5B Social Networking 6.6B Social Networking 6.1B 6.1B

As the statistics show, almost a quarter to two trillion queries is served on the internet looking for these platforms. Google, no doubt, is the world’s largest and the popular website, google also plays a significant role in ranking websites on the internet.

The second place in the list of top visited websites is that is the world’s second most visited video streaming search engine with more than 30 Billion searches per month.

Securing the third name in the list of most visited websites is it is a social media platform as everyone already knows gathers an enormous amount of website traffic on daily basis.

More In The Top Most Visited Websites

Baidu is the main search engine in China that ranks number 7 in the world. Baidu receives more than 5 Billion monthly visitors.

Zoom also managed to gain someplace in the list of Top sites when online meetings and education took a high jump to 2.7 billion monthly visits in the pandemic.

Monthly Traffic Based On Country

Japan, UK, and Germany have the most visited traffic from the following websites.

  • Microsoft is number 28 in the world.
  • Linkedin number 25 in the world.
  • com is number 16 in the world.
  • Amazon number13 the world.
  • tv number 32 in the world.

In China there are different websites that are at the top:

  • Baidu number in the world 7 ( search engine)
  • QQ number 34 in the world
  • Bilibili number 42 in the world,
  • TikTok is number 43 in the world.
  • AliExpress is number 47 in the world (online shopping website).

Final Words:

There is a long list of most visited websites that are famous on the internet. apparently, there are only a few giants who are dominating the internet but there are other websites that are gradually gaining more authority on the internet.