Easy Steps To Turn On Twitter Dark Mode On PC & Mobile Devices

Twitter Dark Mode

Are you scrolling Twitter late at night, and a low-brightness solution is not enough for you? In that case, turn on Twitter dark mode and enjoy scrolling without straining your eyes. So, without further delay, let’s dive in!

What is Twitter Dark Mode?

X dark mode, aka Twitter night mode, is an aesthetically appealing feature that transforms the platform’s appearance. It changes the appearance of everything within the X website or mobile application. The backdrop switches from white to black, and the text switches from black to white.

However, images, videos, and other media colors remain the same. Also, you can change the default color for buttons from blue to available options. Currently, Twitter offers six colors to change the appearance of buttons, Twitter verification tickmarks, and other features.

Why People Would Prefer Twitter Night Mode?

You may be wondering why people would prefer an X dark mode. Well, apart from the inventive effect it provides other useful benefits. The default light mode may make the screen visible during the daytime. But some individuals find this view straining, especially at night or in dim light conditions. Twitter dark mode does not put so much pressure on your eyes. This feature is free to enable, which means you don’t have to buy Twitter Premium to enable night mode on Twitter.

We understand the people’s concerns regarding losing data or access to some functions on the platform by using the dark mode option. However, the dark interface does not impact X’s functionality or add more features. It only provides an appealing and comfortable effect that is easier on the eyes in a dim light environment.

Additionally, blue light outflow from devices breaks the production of melatonin that you need to fall asleep. But the X dark mode minimizes the blue light on your screen to help to sleep better.

How to Enable Twitter Dark Mode on PC

  • Go to the X website from your preferred browser and log into your X account.
  • On the left sidebar menu, click on the More button and then select Settings and Privacy.
  • In the Settings section, scroll down and click on Accessibility, display, and languages option.
Twitter dark mode step 1 PC
  • Click on Display and look under the background; there are 3 options: Default, Dim, and Lights-out. Either Dim provides you with a dark blue background, while Lights Out is for a pure black backdrop.
Twitter dark mode step 2 PC

How to Enable Twitter Dark Mode on iOS and Android Devices

  • Open the X app and log in to your account if you haven’t logged in before.
  • Click on the Profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen, scroll down, and select Settings & Support, then tap on Settings and Privacy.
  • Under the settings section, select Accessibility, display, and languages, then tap on Display.
  • On the display and sound window, tap on Dark mode, which is defaulted off.
  • X offers three dark mode preferences to users: Off, On, and Automatic at sunset, where the app will go into dark mode after it gets dark outside.
Twitter dark mode step 2 mobile
  • Select between, Dim and Lights out, in terms of dark themes.


Q. Did X remove light mode?
According to Elon Musk’s statement, X will keep light mode available, but night mode will be the default option, and dim mode will be removed.

Q.  How can I enable Twitter dark mode on Google Chrome?
If you use X on Chrome browser, you can enable the dark mode by following these steps: Go to the settings and click on the Appearance option you will see the option Mode select dark. However, these settings will make all websites dark, not just Twitter.

Q: Does X dark mode save battery life?
The Twitter dark mode is more eye-friendly in dim light environments and can save battery life, especially on OLED and AMOLED screen devices.

Final Words

Twitter dark and dim mode is aesthetically appealing as well as more eye-friendly compared to the default white background. However, along with the background color, you can also able to change button colors and the default blue checkmark to your favorite color.