What Is A Proxy Server And Why Do You Need It?

Proxy Server
Proxy Server

The proxy server is a system or router that gives a gateway between users & the internet as it helps in preventing cyber-attacks from a private network. In addition, it is a server cited as an intermediary because it goes between end-users and the pages that they visit online. Let’s learn more about proxy, why we need it & how it works.

What Is A Proxy Server?

A proxyserver is a middle man between the client and the actual server that is hosting the website or page that you are requesting for. Proxy servers are generally used for accessing geo-restricted web services. There are different kinds of proxy software available today that can be used as a browser extension and independent software for the computer. There are so many best proxy servers like residential proxy service and many others which not only help you access the restricted web pages but also ensure safe and secure browsing and data transfer between the client and the requested server. Moreover, the proxies can be handled by the Scraper API.

How does A Proxy Server work?

As stated earlier, a free proxyserver works in the middle of the client and the server that receives the client request and sends it to the server. It then receives the request from the server and sends back the received page or data to the client who requested it.

The proxyserver can alter your IP address; encrypt the data that is in the transition, and allows you to view and access the data that is restricted in your region. A proxyserver acts like a firewall or a web filter that can save the cache. And respond to the requests that are asking for the same data over and over. The proxyserver address is always different from your local IP address that is used for safe browsing.

The online proxy can also block access to some specific pages that are not allowed to be accessed by everyone.

How we Can Get a Proxy

There are lots of hardware and software versions. Hardware connections should be seated between your network and the internet. Where they get, send, and advance data from the web. Software proxies can be hosted by a provider or live in the cloud. So you can install an application on your system that eases interaction with the proxy.

A software proxy is typically available for a monthly fee, but they are occasionally available for free. The free version tends to give users fewer addresses and may only cover some devices. On the other hand, paid proxies can meet the demands and load of a business with so many devices.

Proxy Servers & Network Security

Proxies offer a precious layer of security for your computer. They can be set as web filters or firewalls, shielding your computer from internet threats such as malware. The additional security is also essential when coupled with a safe web gateway and other email security products. In this way, you can filter traffic according to its level of security or how much traffic your network can handle. Proxies can be used for various purposes, like hiding their location or helping companies achieve their tasks, such as enhanced security, maintaining internet security to avert crashes, controlling the website, employees and staff way in the office, and much more.


Types Of Proxy Server:

Forward Proxies: Most of the Proxyservers that are used generally are the forward proxy servers that work between the client and the request servers. Proxies are applied to the IP addresses of the client and given access to the restricted data. Forward proxy servers are external and always at a remote location. VPNs and Web Content Filters are examples of the Forward Proxy servers.

Reverse Proxies: reverse proxies are internal proxy servers that are created and deployed inside a network. Let’s suppose, if a website is hosted through several servers then the internal proxyserver would work as a load balancer for the network accepting and responding to the requests for the website. Varnish and Squid are examples of the reverse proxy servers.


Why Do You Need A Proxy Server?

With increasing cases of malicious material on the internet and misuse of the biggest information medium of the world. Proxyserver have become more and more crucial to the security and prevention of threats. There are several reasons why you need a proxyserver.

Internet Usage Control: online proxyserver is used for restricting access to certain sites to children and employees. In the office time, the internet is the asset of the company and they would not want the employees to be using it for some other things. Similarly, children should not be given complete liberty with the internet. As there is a lot of malicious material present on the internet. They could download viruses or try to visit some explicit material that they are not supposed to see. In this case, an online proxy can help you manage this thing using proxy settings. However, windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings. And you would have to configure it manually that what sites you would have to restrict.

Better Speed:

Most of the organizations use internet servers with a proxy servers to get an overall better speed and browsing experience. The reason for better speed is the cache that the proxyserver saves. The proxyserver saves the latest copy of web pages that are most frequently visited.


Privacy is the most crucial matter today on the internet. Free proxies can help you make your data and transition and proxies can hide your IP address and encrypt the browsing data. The proxyserver can help you ensure privacy in the best way all you have to do is allow chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings and manage it as your desire.


A proxy server can help you a lot in many things. It can help you access the websites and web pages that are geo-restricted in your region. It can also help to encrypt the data in transition and alter your IP address for secure access. There are several benefits of proxy servers and we discussed some of them in the article above. Using a proxyserver is recommended if you want secure and safe internet browsing.