What Is Safe Mode on My Phone? Let’s Detect Problems

What Is Safe Mode on My Phone
What Is Safe Mode on My Phone

Does your Phone’s home screen freezes, receive instant notifications, and fall Restart itself? These problems could be the purpose of clashed and malfunctioning applications. Some of the most recently downloaded one apps may impair your Phone’s performance. To determine this issue, use the safe mode on your Phone to find whether the downloaded application is producing the problems.

However, if your device is in safe mode, the system performance will reduce, and only system applications that were already fitted when you bought your device will work.

Let us know about the safe mode on your Android device and iPhone.


  • Safe mode is also known as safe boots.
  • The safe mode feature can detect any problems that can cause issues in your device.
  • To Turn off and on the safe mode depends on your device’s operating system.
  • If the safe mood or device boots are not working for you, just back up, and the factory data reset your mobile device.

About Safe Mode on Phone

Safe mode is also recognized as a safe boot. If your device models grasp hazards from applications or any program that can distract your device. So, this analytical operating system mode is projected to help fix problems.

Moreover, it is similarly used to remove reprobate security software. Though in safe mode, your device system has decreased functionality like sound, and all the third-party applications will not work to task on insulating problems properly.

However, only system applications work in the safe mode. Initially, this mode is recommended for maintenance rather than functionality, delivering limited access to functions.

Purpose of Safe Mode on Phone

Purpose of Safe Mode on Phone
Purpose of Safe Mode on Phone

When your mobile phone is not working, it is made up to, so this mode helps you diagnose the problem.

Your mobile phone proceeds to default software program settings to treasure the reason for the issue.

Correspondingly, reboot to the safe mood on your Phone regulates which application is blamed for causing the issue.

Find Malfunctions Apps Via Reboot to Safe Mode on Phone

Malfunctions Apps Via Reboot to Safe Mode on Phone
Malfunctions Apps Via Reboot to Safe Mode on Phone

Here we have instructed steps that you can apply to discover malfunctioning applications by rebooting the iPhone and Android safe mode by turning it on and off.

1st Step: Start the safe mode

2nd Step: Turn off safe mode

3rd Step: Check Malfunction Applications

1st Step: Enable Safe Mode on the Phone Devices

Enable Safe Mode on the Phone Devices
Enable Safe Mode on the Phone Devices

Turning on the safe mode depend on your Phone’s operating system. Use your mobile ordinarily in safe mode and check if the problem continues or drives away.

Here are the steps to process and enable the safe mode prompt on your Android Phone and iPhone.

Turn Safe Mode on Android Phone

  • Open your Android device and swipe down the notification bar or status bar.
  • Tap on the safe mode enabled. Now, tap on the confirm.
  • Wait till your Phone starts another time. When it restarts, it means that your mobile is in safe mode.

Enable the Safe Mode on iPhone

  • First, tap power key on your iPhone. Then hold power key.
  • Now, wait till the phone is powered off. Then press and grasp the power button again.
  • When the lock screen blinks, press and hold the volume key until Apple’s logo appears on the screen.
  • Your iPhone will boot up in safe mode when it starts again.

2nd Step: Remove the Safe Mode on your Phone

Remove the Safe Mode on your Phone
Remove the Safe Mode on your Phone

Exiting your device’s this mode also depends on your Phone’s operating systems. So, track the steps below to turn off safe mode on your Android mobile and iPhone.

Turn off Android Safe mode

  • To enter the normal mode, press the power button on your Android mobile.
  • Select Restart from the pop-up menu. When your mobile starts again, the safe mode will turn off.

Exit Safe Mode on iPhone

  • To disable safe mode on your iPhone, you have to press the power key on your iPhone. The power menu appears on your screen. Now tap on the restart option.

NOTE: Method to turn on and exit safe mode from Android devices correspondingly works on Samsung devices like Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Sony, and numerous other Android devices.

3rd Step: Discover Malfunction Apps

Discover Malfunction Apps
Discover Malfunction Apps

If you encounter that your mobile device is working accurately in safe mode, it means that the downloaded applications on your device are causing issues.

So, the next step is to check and detect the recently downloaded applications that origin problems on your device and uninstall applications from your Phone.

Moreover, after removing the malfunctioning applications that cause problems, restart your phone device from the power button and check if your device works normally.

What to do in Safe Mode?

First, enable the safe mode on your mobile device and check if your Phone is still working and starting properly or not. If your device performance is still not appropriate, it means that third-party apps are causing this malfunction.

You must return to the normal mode and determine which app is causing it. Then deactivate that application to check whether the problem is set or not. Because safe mood does not notify or select you to uninstall just one application.

How to know your Phone is in Safe Mode

Your device is in safe mode when you see a safe mood icon at the bottom left corner of your Phone’s home screen. Also, your phone applications have been gray or are sometimes disabled.

What if Problems Continue in Safe Mode on your Phone?

Problems Continue in Safe Mode on your Phone
Problems Continue in Safe Mode on your Phone

If your mobile device is still persisting the issues in the safe mode option, the problem is with the computer hardware or your mobile.

In this situation, the best solution is to backup content on your phone data and take a factory reset to sort out this situation.

Though, if the factory reset does not help you, unfortunately, in the end, the last option is to take your Phone to the shop for maintenance.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, your phone occasionally causes issues like restarting itself, running slow, deafening, and sometimes freezing or stuck on the screen.

In addition, these problems occur due to malfunctioning applications and insensitive features. To sort out this situation, you can apply the safe mode on your Phone.

Moreover, we have told you everything you need to understand: how you can use your mobile in safe mode and how it works, and the determinations.

So, let us know in the comment box if you want to know anything about it.