Why Do My Airpods Keep Pausing (All You Need to Know)

why do my airpods keep pausing
why do my airpods keep pausing

The majority of People are confused about why their Airpods keep pausing. If you are also facing the issue, then read the article to know why it happens and how to fix it. Hence, Apple Airpods are great, and they are the best-selling wireless earbuds worldwide. But, sometimes, they come with challenges like not functioning or cannot connect, poor audio, and frequent pausing.

It is a bit annoying when the music pause, but it is not a serious problem & it should not put you off from buying them. Airpods come with an elegant charging style and a fine Bluetooth range. Moreover, they are designed to make audio experiences more suitable. You can touch the airpods to stop, skip songs, or play the songs again without having to remove the device. Unfortunately, no technology is perfect, and there are some kinds of glitches. So let’s discuss some of the ways to tackle the issue.

Reasons- Why Do Airpods Keep Pausing?

Aimlessly pausing music is a prevalent issue amongst Apple Airpod users. There may be lots of reasons why your Airpods could be stopping, but the most common cause is that ear detection (powered by closeness sensors) is not functioning correctly. In this section, we have summarized all the reasons that stop the music.

  • Taking Out One Airpod- The airpods would pause the music when you take out or switch any one of the Airpods.
  • Physical Damage: If you have impacted physical harm to your Air pods, then problems related to pausing or completely stopping the music will translate to any hardware issue.
  • Bluetooth Connection- if there is any other device linked with the Airpods, your device might send the music to the other device, and a poor Bluetooth connection can also cause the issue.
  • Mobile Software Issue– sometimes, the device encounters several software issues that could lead to stopping the music.
  • Improper Settings- the inappropriate settings configuration of airpods can also cause several issues, like random music pauses.

The next section will provide some fixes to tackle the Airpods stopping issue. Find the root cause of the issue and resolve it by applying the given steps. So you can enjoy music through your airpods with no pauses.

Top 10 Fixes to Resolve the Airpods Pausing Issues

why do my airpods pro keep pausing
why do my airpods pro keep pausing

Airpods are the handiest gadgets that give you a practical way to listen to your favorite songs. Although, sometimes, the experience is slowed down when airpods randomly stop the music. It might be difficult to determine what happened, so you have to try some ways to fix it. So let’s move to the methods you can use to solve the issue.

1. Charge Your Airpods

When your airpods have a low charge, like 5% or less, they will go in and out, slow volume, and the microphone stops working. Sometimes, the issue shortens the lifespan of your airpods. That’s why it is essential to keep your airpods charged up to make sure that you do not run into these issues. It is not a difficult task to charge the airpods; just place the airpods back in the case and plug one end of the wire into a USB port; they can be fully charged in an hour.

2. Toggle off Automatic Ear Detection

One of the quickest things you can do to resolve your airpods disturbance is simply switching off the automatic ear detection by using the phone’s settings. Follow the steps to turn off the ear detector.

  • Firstly, view your iPhone Settings.
  • Then, click on Bluetooth, locate your airpods and select the “More Information” icon (“I” with a small circle around it).
  • Next, switch off the “Automatic Ear Detection.”
  • Now, your Automatic ear detection will not work until you turn it on.

3. Ensure Your Bluetooth Connections to Resolve Airpods Pausing Issue

If your phone is linked via Bluetooth to more than one device, then it may cause difficulty knowing which device it should be providing audio to. So you have to disconnect all the devices by applying the given steps.

  • First, you have to view your phone’s settings.
  • Then, open the Bluetooth Settings and view the tab.
  • Next, find the Active Bluetooth connections.
  • Disconnect all the devices, except your airpods device.

Now your Connection would not interrupt, and the problem might be resolved.

4. Restart Your Device

The iPhone occasionally experiences software glitches or other problems. Sometimes, these issues may affect the functioning of your airpods. When your airpods keep stopping, maybe there is no airpods glitch. If you have already tried charging and cleaning the airpods, So give your phone a restart. Once the system boots up, connect your airpods to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

5. Update the Airpods Software

To update the airpods, you will need an iOS device like iPhone, iPad, Mac, or any other Apple device. Apply the below steps to update the airpods.

  • First, you have to switch on Bluetooth & Wifi Connection on your iOS device.
  • Then, pair your airpods with your device.
  • Next, insert the airpods into the charging case.
  • After that, get the case close to the iOS device for almost 15 minutes.

The process of updating with iOS is automatic, and you just have to keep the case close to the device. Moreover, if there is any new software version, it would not take more than 15 minutes to install on the airpods. Further, if you wish to check the version of the airpods OS, then move to the settings > General settings > About > Airpods. You can also check online to see the latest version and make sure that your airpods are up-to-date.

6. Check Connection Issues to Resolve Airpods Pausing Issue

If the Connection is not great, then your airpods and smartphone do not get along. So for beginners, you can put the airpods in the case for about 25-30 seconds and then try again to establish the Connection. Still, it does not work, so you will have to disable them entirely in your phone’s settings and pair them again.

7. Outdated Mobile Settings

If the phone or device you wish to link has wrong or old settings, then you will face a lot of disturbance while playing the audio. The best method to go after this is to ensure that the Bluetooth and software settings of the device are up-to-date. So, to fix the issue, upgrade the device and then connect the airpods.

8. Clean Your Airpods & Case

Occasionally, your airpods will not reset accurately if your left or right AirPods charging connector is not linked correctly to the charging case. Dirty airpods can get annoyingly quiet and be challenging to use. The proximity sensor is the particular component that suffers the most from being dirty, leading to several issues like pausing. So, use soft cotton to clean the connector and airpods.

9. Hardware Problems

The main cause of the airpods that leads to them not working properly and keeping pausing is if something is involved in its settings or plays with its electronics. Most of the time, the issue is caused if the airpods get physically damaged or if one of the airpods drops in water. If your Airpods suffer from any serious hardware issue, they will continuously play the issue while playing music. So, try to solve it by cleaning or repairing the airpods.

10. Reset Your Airpods

You can easily rest your airpods, whether you disable them from the earlier devices or disconnect Bluetooth, which will stop them from automatically connecting to the previously linked devices. For resetting the Apple AirPods, you have to pair them again with the device, and it will become a stable connection with you.

For this, place both of your airpods into the charging case, keep the case lid open, and press the back button of the case until the light comes out. Keep the charging case open and scan your iPhone by putting it near each one. After that, link them manually from the Bluetooth settings.

Wrapping Up

You will get quite annoyed when your airpods keep pausing. However, you might experience some issues, so it’s essential to fix the issue, and usually, you can easily get rid of it. We have mentioned all the possible ways to solve the issue. So don’t forget to share your experience with us and which method helps you the most.