Why do Strange Badges Appear on Instagram Profiles?

Strange Badges Appear on Instagram Profiles
Strange Badges Appear on Instagram Profiles

Do you see a few strange numbers pop up on your Instagram profiles? You know that is Instagram app threads.

Meta company released its text-built app on July 6 as a competitor against Twitter. Threads entice millions of users and are now accessible in almost 100 countries for iOS and Android.

On their Instagram profiles, users are robotically tagged with badges with the thread logo. Ensuing to a number that basically demonstrates how rapidly you download the app after it launches. After the whole blue tick controversy, it allows Meta to take a main crack at Twitter.

However, if you tap on your badge, you will receive a cheery message of your badge number, signifying the number of people you were to join the app. And you may also checkout Instagram Released Redesigned Editor for Reels, Trending Section & More.

After looking at your Threads Profile, you can tap on the hide badge option then Are you sure prompt will appear. That cautions you against doing so after you have already aloof it. Alternatively, when you tap on someone else profile will take you straight to their threads page.

So what is the theme of the thread badges on Instagram? Basically, Meta is probably consuming the badges as an advertising utensil to attempt and make FOMO and clasp the contemplation of Instagram users. So that they can get up-and-go more users to their new server.

While the platform also recommends you be alerted that you will not be able to remove your Threads account without removing your Instagram account if you sign up via iOS and Android and then choose to erase it.

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