Apple Hub on Twitter: Will You Be Upgrading to the iPhone 15 Series in September?

Upgrading to the iPhone 15 Series

A media and news server of Apple Hub on Twitter stated on June 18, Sunday, “Will you be upgrading to the iPhone 15 series in September”?

Twitter news server of Apple Hub

Everybody knows that iPhone 15 series are all ready to launch in the market for customers. But there is big news related to iPhone 15 mini. The Apple Hub Community retweeted their post in which the community claims that “that’s all made up. There would not be an iPhone 15 mini-series.

Moreover, in the Twitter post, Apple Hub claims that “Europe has voted in courtesy of new guidelines that may force Apple to make iPhone batteries easily removable and replaceable by users.”

“While the law would not take outcome till 2027 at the earliest. Apple company may need to take major variations to the iPhone strategy. Do you support this?”

So, it probably means the replaceable batteries feature will not come to the iPhone 15. For that, users have to wait for at least 4 years.

They retweeted this post and specified, “I am all for sustainable and consumer-friendly products. However, except these politicians realize how these products work, they should not state firms like Apple how to design their products”.

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