Windows Update Assistant For Upgrading Windows 10

Windows update assistant
Windows update assistant

Windows update assistant for upgrading windows 10. Looking at the history of windows, most people grew up with windows 98 though I am from that time. After time passes, we’ll see enhancement daily by seeing Microsoft bring smoothness to their functions and captivate their interface.

The abilities and controls of windows changes after an update. Updating windows makes your PC work even better to function though the styles of updating windows change every so often.

Previously we used to update windows by manually downloading from the browser. But nowadays, Microsoft gives the marvelous opportunity by giving the window update assistant.

After adding that feature, it’ll be easier to update windows 10 by updating it from the settings without going to a browser. But this article will explain the key update features of window update assistant and updating window with several methods.

Windows Update Assistant Use for What?

It is a new sort of thing that helps update your PC or laptop device’s windows version. In simple words, it installs & downloads features into your computer by reminding you.

Suppose upgrading your windows version from 21H2 to 22H2. In a nutshell, it secures your windows from unethical bugs and glitches. After you download the window update assistant, it lets you know about the current updates.

Download & Install Windows Update Assistant

Download & Install Windows Update
Download & Install Windows Update

Window update assistant is not a monster though listening to its name might scare you and generate technical imagination in your mind. But it is no more than a piece of cake.

Merely download it from a browser and run it. Following is the process from downloading to updating.

  1. Go to Microsoft’s official website by typing in and click “download the windows update assistant” in blue. It is a clickable link along with the written content.
  2. Then a window opens with an option of “update now” with a clickable blue button Tap on it.
  3. A restore-down window appears, showing two options at the bottom right corner. Select the update now
  4. Another popup screen appears to tell you whether your PC is compatible with the update or not.
  5. When it approves your PC’s compatibility, clicking next takes you to the updating process. Wait till the updating process ends
  6. After the process is complete system asks you to restart it though restart the system for further process

Restarting is crucial either it’s not important, but expert opinion is that you should restart your PC because it deducts extra caches and glitches from your PC.

Update your window 10 Assistant with PowerShell

You want to update your window through a command prompt instead of downloading from the browser. Go then for the power shell is the best command prompt version and can be used for several other properties though updating the window is also in its domain.

Follow the steps that how you can update the window with the help of PowerShell.

  1. Move your mouse pointer towards the start button and right-click on it. Then select PowerShell from the list.
  2. Write Install-Module PSWindowsUpdatein the command prompt and run it by clicking enter.
  3. Write Y on the command prompt to configure
  4. For getting updates, type “Get-windows update.” And hit enter will let you inform whenever the new update kicks in.
  5. Update to the latest windows version. Type in “Install-windows update.” And hit enter will update your windows version
  6. Typing the “auto reboot” in the command will apply all updates at the same time

Delete & Uninstall Window 10 Update Assistant Via PC/Laptop

How to disable windows 10 update assistant? After experiencing if you don’t like the w update assistant feature, then deleting and uninstalling it is in your hands. However, the procedure is the same on laptops and PCs.

Following the bullet point below will solve your query.

Delete & Uninstall Window 10 Update Assistant
Delete & Uninstall Window 10 Update Assistant
  1. Go to your settings. Select the control panel, or use the shortcut key “ctrl I.”
  2. Then go for the Apps
  3. Scroll down and see the options. When found the window 10 update assistant, click on it a.
  4. Click on Uninstall. Windows assistant will uninstall successfully from your device.

Uninstall Windows Update Assistant with Run Dialog Box

  1. Pressing the Windows key + R will open a run dialog box. Type in “appwiz.cpl.”
  2. It will directly open the apps
  3. Select windows 10 update assistant. Click on

In case you want to get rid of windows assistant fully, make sure to delete every such file related to the assistant. Because whenever you reboot again, these files will reinstall assistant again on your PC.

Update Windows Within the PC Settings

The easiest way to update your window is to update it from your PC settings. However, you can update additional Windows features with updates from the settings without further due.

Let’s go through the process.

Windows Within the PC Settings
Windows Within the PC Settings
  1. Next to the start button. Type in windows update settings in search and open it
  2. The top middle of the page system will tell you either your windows are updated or need an update.
  3. Bottom of the check for updates There is an option of “view all optional updates.” clicking it gives you an additional updates list. Update any you’d like

Can I Update Windows for Free?

If you’re updating the existing version of your windows, then that is completely free. But if you’ve come up with the new operating system. You’ll need to buy the license window, which costs maybe around $130.

How Much Time does the Windows update Process take?

It doesn’t take much time all depends on your system processor or internet speed. If your system is old, it takes time though the reasons vary.

Maybe your internet speed is slow despite that if you forget to download the previous windows update. Then the process takes time because it updates windows, including the previous updates.

Is it Necessary to Keep Windows Update Assistant Download After the Upgrade?

When your system windows have fully updated, the reason to keep windows assistant still with you doesn’t value anymore.

Deleting it doesn’t trouble your PC performance though you’re confused about the later updates. Let me tell you there is no use for the assistant anymore. In my opinion, deleting & uninstall it is the suitable option.


Installing windows on your PC is a one-time process. Later on, there is no need to install it. Instead, upgrade your windows with time-to-time updates.

People got confused when they merged two terms updating and installing windows. When their windows gave them problems, they thought of installing new ones.

This is the sign to update the window rather than install a new one. These are some important points regarding the windows base question.

In this article, we’ll briefly explain the process of how to download & install the windows update assistant and other ways to update your windows.