Roblox Wisteria Codes 2024

Wisteria Codes are the valid codes for the Wisteria Roblox gameplay. Roblox Game of Wisteria is the hit anime series of Wisteria Demon Slayer, created by Koyoharu Gotouge and developed by kidso52. This game has a story of a witch because it is inspired by an anime devil character that is more powerful and for harmful deeds.

By playing the Wisteria game, players, whether new or old, benefit from using any of the Wisteria codes because they offer free gems like breath reset and blood demon art reset. I will continuously update this page as the developer updates the valid codes. So please bookmark this page on your iPad to check the frequent code.

Overview of Wisteria Codes

Wisteria code is the combination of letters that every game player uses to get free goodies to make the game adventurous. These codes are released by game developers & Demon Corps. They also offer helpful reset to the players. However, developers do not offer a releasing code schedule, but you can expect them to drop when a game reaches a milestone.

Active Redeem Codes for Wisteria -2024

roblox wisteria codes
roblox wisteria codes

The redemption of Wisteria codes in 2024 will not result in Robux (virtual currency). The active and valid wisteria codes are mentioned here, and by using these codes, you can get free skins, cosmetics, and various gems. But these codes should be used in time; other than that, they may expire. So, I would suggest that use these codes as soon as possible.

When I post these codes, they are working at that time. However, if you find any error in any of these codes then, let us know in the comment box. So, as soon as possible, we will update the list of codes.

  • !ResetMe – Code for Resetting Race & Progress
  • !BreathReset – Code for Free Bath Reset
  • !BDAReset – Code for Free Bath Reset

Expired Codes for Wisteria – 2024

roblox wisteria codes
roblox wisteria codes

These are the expired codes, and as we told you, these codes expire earlier within a particular time. But for you, we shared these codes; you can try if these are working for you or not. However, it is an expired code, so it will not work.

  • !BreathReset – Code for Breath reset
  • !8000Likes – Code for Receiving Horn Reroll
  • !DemonAppearence – Code for Free Demon Appearance
  • !HaoriReset – Code for free haori reroll
  • !90000LIKES – Code for eyes & haori reroll
  • !TWEETBREATH – Code for breath reset
  • !TWEETBDA – Code for BDA reset
  • !BDAReset – This code added on February
  • !BreathReset – Code for breath reset
  • !HairDrip – Code for eyes & hair reroll
  • !NichirinColor – Code for nichirin color reroll
  • !80000LIKESDEMON – Code for demon appearance reset
  • !80000LIKESHAORI – Code for slayer haori reset
  • !DemonAppearence – Code for receiving nichiren color & appearance reroll
  • !NICHIRIN80K – Code for breath reset
  • !DEMON80k – Code for breath reset
  • !2021DemonArt – Code for receiving blood demon art
  • !2021Breath – Code for receiving breath reset
  • !BDAReroll – Code for receiving BDA reroll
  • !BreathReset – Code for breath reset
  • !10000WISHES – Code for receiving wisteria haori reroll
  • !30000LIKES – Code for free face reroll
  • !SUBTOINFERNA SU – Code for free reset
  • !1000FOLLOWS – Code for free Nichin color
  • !25000LIKES – Code for free face, face, eye, and hair reset.
  • !SUBTOSAGEE – Code for free facial reset
  • !SUBTOVALEKIS – Code for free facial reset
  • !20000Likes – Code for free haori
  • !SUBTOIBEMAINE – Code for free breath reset
  • !10000Likes – Code for Nichirin color & appearance reroll
  • !8000Likes – Code for free horn reroll
  • !Christmas – Code for free Nichiren color & appearance reroll

How to Get Redeem of Wisteria Code of 2024

codes for wisteria

Don’t overthink about how to redeem of Wisteria Codes of 2024. Simply, you should follow the steps to steal the rewards by entering the codes.

  • First, you need to open the game and allow the server to run and load up the resources.
  • Open the code entry box to enter the code that is available on the screen.
  • Copy the code available above the mentioned list and paste it into the code chatbox.
  • Press enter to claim the rewards.


Q: What are the pros of the Wisteria game?

Ans: You can play with multiplayer by doing lots of voice chatting fun, and you can also purchase weapon skin & clothing. It has an amazing holding statue.

Q: What are the cons of the Wisteria game?

Ans: this game required a lot of time frame and also required a higher system because it quickly heated the entire system. Another con is that it has bad visual presentation for the player, but this appears sometimes.

Q: What are the redemption methods in Wisteria?

Ans: Activate the Wisteria game and press the key on your keyboard to open the chatbox. Enter your code and click Enter.


Wisteria game is an online game created by Koyoharu Gotouge and developed by kidso52. This game is inspired by the anime devil character, which has the most powerful deeds. The developers provide these given wisteria codes, and these codes are available in this article provided by us for you to play the Roblox game on the weekend. Please use the above active codes that will be fruitful for you because you are a game, so know the better use of these codes.