Youtube Music Roll Out Real-Time Lyrics on Android & iOS

Youtube Music Roll Out Real-Time Lyrics on Android & iOS

Youtube music will start rolling out a new feature allowing users to view real-time lyrics while listening to their favorite tracks. However, the feature is available to some Youtube Music subscribers who have reported and is not broadly available to every user.

The majority of users are well-known for having a lyrics page for a song that displays lyrics and allows them to be viewed all at once. But real-time lyrics bring an exceptional experience; you get the advantage of time-synced lyrics that show up line by line as the artist performs them. It means users can also sing along to their favorite songs without worrying about missing a beat or phrase. The lyrics emerge on the screen in real-time and change as the song progresses. This varies from the current way that YouTube Music shows song lyrics, simply with static text.

However, this isn’t the major feature; it does make a huge difference when it comes to the experience. Also, using these real-time lyrics feature for a karaoke session with friends and family will be entertaining.

The users, who got this feature, have taken to Reddit to share their experience. To use this feature, users can simply launch the YouTube Music App and choose a song to play. Once the track starts playing, users can also pick to manually allow the real-time lyrics feature by tapping on the “lyrics” tab located at the bottom of the screen.

Further, YouTube Music has been working towards this for months. Google announced the partnership with Musixmatch in October to “build even more lyric features.” now, Youtube has started rolling out this feature. And it would take a few weeks before the new lyrics menu is available to most users.

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