New Benefits for YouTube Music Premium Make It Simple to Favorite Finds

Benefits for YouTube Music Premium to find favourite

YouTube Music’s continued development may amaze you as it adopts additional features for almost 80 million listeners. In which a great proportion of this audience pays for its premium tier. And the subscription entitles these users too many benefits, including ad-free music and many incentives for people to shift from rival services like Spotify. The company will add one more perk with a track bar within the user’s Android app settings.

This track bar was named “Recently Played song,” which was explained in February 2023 YouTube Music Highlights post. Flip the switch, and YouTube Music will automatically download about 200 songs based on your recent history. It optimizes individually from Smart downloads, meaning “Recently played song” will be saved in your phone even if Smart downloads are turned off.

Recently played songs toggle can be activated for Premium account users if they go to the “Downloads & storage” section of the YouTube Music app’s settings page. Although Google claims that the new toggle started to roll out on January 12, most users have begun to see it from the previous days.

Google didn’t specify where these automatic downloads would show, and neither the home screen view nor the Library tab displays a playlist with these songs, but the company’s use of language suggests that they’re only meant for offline listening.

Indeed, the “Smart downloads” download could be a great option for your entertainment gratifications when your internet stops working.

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