5 Best Free Video Recording Software For Mac/Windows/Linux

Video Recording Software
Video Recording Software

Most people are looking for the best free video recording software. It’s more complicated to find the best free video recording software.

Even though numerous video recorders let you record the screen, not all of them provide good value in terms of features. You must conduct extensive study online before choosing the ideal one. It’s important to consider online reviews in addition to product features.

This post is especially relevant for you if you need more time.

The various types of free video recording software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux will be discussed in this article.

Why Do We Need A Video Recorder?

You will need free video recording software for a variety of reasons. For instance, you could record a video you can’t download or a real-time video to share amusing things with your friends on a social platform. You could also record a video tutorial for a more user-friendly presentation. Free video recording software can be used for the entire process. a great tool for recording the screen.

Numerous free video recording software is available online, but their features differ. Depending on what you want to perform, it’s important to pick the appropriate free video recording software. The top 5 free video recording software are discussed in this post. Check all the options right now to pick the best one.

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1. EaseUS

●     Best Free Video Recording Software for Windows/MacOS

EaseUS RecExperts is a must-have if you’re looking for the best free video recording software for windows and if you have MacOS, don’t worry; EaseUS also has a Mac screen recorder. The greatest video recording program for both beginners and experts is this screen recorder for PC. EaseUS provides different options for screen recording, you can capture the desired portion of your screen selected region recording, or multi-screen recording.

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You also have the option of editing the screen during screen recording.

With the help of this program, you can record streaming videos, Teams meetings, YouTube live streams, and other things more quickly and easily. You can also rely on this software if you wish to record your screen and camera simultaneously for online classes.

This application also facilitates audio recording functions. RecExperts can always accommodate your needs, whether you want to record audio from YouTube or catch some streaming audio.

In particular, EaseUS is the best free video recording software for windows and mac.


●     Record any area of the computer screen while using the webcam or audio.

●     Without any lag, capture all 2D and 3D gameplay highlights.

●     Embedding a video editor and media player will improve the user experience.

●     Offer limitless time recording, scheduling recording, and more sophisticated functions.

2. OBS Studio

●     Best Free Video Recorder For Linux,  Mac, and Windows.

OBS, also known as Open Broadcaster Software, is a free screen recorder that allows for unlimited video length and both high-definition recording and streaming.

The desktop application allows you to select the area of the screen that you wish to record, but it also offers the option to record the entire screen.

An audio mixer enables you to create videos with smoothly recorded sound, and customizable hotkeys assist in controlling the recording.

In addition to simple screencasting tools, OBS has live-streaming functionalities that are not included in the standard screen recorders of most operating systems.

OBS has live-streaming functionality in addition to the user-friendly screencasting tools that you won’t find in the built-in screen recorders of the most popular OS systems.

You may save projects, convert your film to FLV format, and stream live on Twitch and YouTube Gaming. OBS is now among the top free screen recording tools to try in 2023 as a result of all of this.


●     Contacting streaming service providers is simple with OBS Studio.

●     Changing between sources while broadcasting is simple by using OBS Studio.

●     The design and editing of what your viewers will see are made simple by OBS Studio.

●     Free and completely virus-free download.


●     Multiple sources are unavailable at once.

●     The initial setup is not the most intuitive, and there is no undo function.

●     In the software, subtitle implementation is still very challenging.

3. Flashback Express

●     Best Free Video Recording Software For Windows and MacOS

Blueberry Software’s Flashback Express is a free video capture program that can record noises, webcam footage, and displays. The pro version’s video recording functions are all included in this one as well.

This free video recorder allows you to record your entire screen, a window, a specific area, or a camera. Once the recording is complete, you may use a straightforward editor to trim and crop your video before exporting it to your PC, an FTP server, or YouTube.


●     Flashback Express still has no watermarks or logs on the video.

●     The process of recording videos in high-definition resolution is straightforward.

●     Exportable file types include Flash video, AVI, WMV, and GIF.

●     For novices without technical knowledge, it is simple to use.


●     It uses more CPU power than other software when operating.

●     The recorded file cannot be edited in the free version.

●     The 30-day free trial period has a time limit.

4. CamStudio

●     Best Free Video Recording Software for Windows.

Now CamStudio comes to our list of best free video recording software. CamStudio is a program that you might want to take into consideration if you’re seeking a simple way to start screen-capturing. All recorded video files will be exported by the application in.AVI format.

The application also has excellent functionality, including several WebCam movie screen capture options, high-quality recording options, and video compression techniques that can help with editing.


●     Users of Camstudio can adjust the codec, quality, time-lapse, and other settings.

●     The recording time will not be constrained.

●     Beginners could look in the help file that is contained there for instructions.

●     It is capable of recording practically any screen activity, whether it be static or dynamic.


●     According to several users, this software spreads malicious infections. That is a problem that open-source software cannot avoid.

●     It is limited to Windows.

5. ShareX

●     Best Free Video Recording Software for Windows

A free open-source screen recorder called ShareX can be used to take still screenshots and record videos. This free, portable screen recorder can schedule screen captures, use OCR to recognize text, and record an entire webpage that scrolls.

In addition to saving your screenshot as a video file, this free video recorder also allows you to save it as a GIF, which is better for sharing on social media and forums. Following video recording, ShareX enables you to instantly upload your grabbed images and videos to social media or file-sharing websites.


●     Enabling the export of videos in several formats

●     Free watermark-free video recording software


●     It doesn’t support recording video from full-screen games.

Final Words

Here is our list of best video recording softwares, each has its own features and benefits of using. Choose the one according to your needs. But we recommend you to choose EaseUS RecExperts, because of it’s amazing features and easy to use interface.