How to Screen Record on Mac: Most Popular Options 2024

Screen Record on Mac
Screen Record on Mac

Screen capture is not worthwhile when you have a screen record on Mac option available, which is very handy nowadays, whether you want to save the video while watching YouTube or recording lectures. Screen recording is an essential tool for business meetings and e-Learning education which is common to ease yourself. You just have to click a few times, and you can easily Record the Audio or video on the entire screen or selected portion of the screen.

In 2018, Apple launched a built-in screen recording for macOS and its latest version; if you still have an older version, there is no need to worry, and you may update your operating system or use e built in-app. There are several ways of video recording on a Mac’s screen, like keyboard keys (Screenshot toolbar tool), including audio or built-in QuickTime Player app or third-party apps described below. It offers different features like trimming and shows a mouse click option during recording. Additionally, you can edit or share the video according to your need.

Before going into a lengthy discussion, let’s jump to other sections for details where you will know different ways of recording screens on Mac and the latest apps.

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Method to Screen Record on Mac with Keys and Apps

You can record the screen in different ways, like keyboard shortcut keys or apps. It depends on you which way is feasible for you to use on Mac. You may also record the entire screen or selected portion of the screen; it depends on the icon you choose in front of the toolbar. In the following section, a few methods are described in detail for your ease on how to record screens.

Screen Record with Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Here, we describe the steps to recording the screen on Mac through keyboard keys. But this method is only applicable to macOS Mojave or Catalina version.

  1. First, at the bottom of your screen, open the Screenshot Toolbar by pressing your keyboard’s Command +Shift +5 keys simultaneously.
  2. Second, tap on Record Screen Portion or Record Entire Screen Navigating your mouse on every icon indicates the function of each button.
  3. If you want to record the selected portion, choose the Record Screen Portion and see a dotted line box on the next screen. Then click and drag the edges of what you want to record.
  4. The next step is to record; you will see an option of Record on the right side of the toolbar. Just tap on the Record
  5. Finally, to stop the Recording on Mac, click the square in circle icon at the left top of your Mac’s screen. Alternatively, you may also tab on Comman+Control +Esc to stop the Recording.

Additional Features

  1. Additionally, you can also record audio or voice during recording through a built-in microphone by clicking the Options button in the toolbar. Mac also has the ability to show mouse clicks for tutorials on the screen during recordings.
  2. After opening the save file, you may also edit the recorded video through a Trim icon on the toolbar.
  3. For timed recordings, you may also set a timer, and at this step, you can save your recording where you want to save it.
  4. You can easily share your recording option or use Airplay from recorded video.

Method to Screen Record with Quick Time Player on Mac

Method to Screen Record with Quick Time Player on Mac

As Quick Time app is installed by default on Mac, so you don’t need to download it by paying an additional cost. You can easily record audio or movie through this app. Follow the given steps straightforwardly to record the screen through an app.

  1. Firstly, from the Applications folder, open the Quick Time Player. Secondly, choose File and then New Screen Recording option from the menu bar.
  2. Now, start the recording by clicking the Record button and choosing one of the options you want to record.
  • To begin the recording of the entire screen, press anywhere on the screen
  • Drag to record the selected area and click Start Recording surrounded by that area.
  1. In the menu bar, click the Stop icon in the top right corner of the macOS menu bar to stop recording or tap Command +Control +Esc.
  2. Click Save in the File menu or tap Cmd+ S from the keyboard to save the video in your preferred location.

Additional Features

  1. Before starting the recording, tap on the arrow next to the Record button to change the recording settings.
  2. Select the Microphone option to record your voice or audio during screen recording on Mac. Adjust the volume slider to check the audio during Recording. Lower the volume or use headphones with a microphone to get audio feedback.
  3. Tap on the Show Mouse Clicks option in recording to show a black circle around your pointer when you click.
  4. When you stop the recording, Quick Time Player opens the recording automatically. Now you may edit by using Timer Rotate tools and play or share the recording.
  5. You may share your recording from Airplay or sharing options from recorded video.

Tip: To use the Screenshot Toolbar, you need the macOS Mojave version, but you may use the Quick Time Player app in any macOS version for screen recording.

Use Alternative Apps to Screen Record Easily

Although the above two methods are quite enough to use but you can also download the other apps or software for additional features during recording. There are multiple apps for screen recording that you have to download by yourself. But some of Mac’s latest screen recording apps are described below with some information.

  1. OBS Studio
  2. Apowersoft online screen recorder
  3. Movavi Screen Recorder
  4. Disbug
  5. Snapz Pro
  6. Monosnap
  7. ActivePresenter
  8. Capto
  9. Open Broadcaster Software
  10. CleanShot X

Here are the description of a few apps for screen record on Mac is as follows:

  1. OBS Studio

According to casual and hardcore users, OBS Studio is much better for freeware screen utility recording than other apps. The app allows you to modify every screen recording feature for beginners and advanced users.

  1. ActivePresenter

For creating eLearning content, the Active Presenter app is excellent where you can easily make a guide, quizzes educational videos in multiple saving formats. You can also conveniently upload the file on LMS, but some features are not available on macOS.

  1. Apowersoft online screen recorder

This app is best for video editing while online recording, whether it is self demonstrations, online calls, etc. It supports many exporting features compared to desktop programs and various customized settings. As this app works online, you still have to install the specific launcher that is not malicious and relatively safe to use. If you want to know more all of the other apps explanation, kindly comment that will know us about your interest.


Screen recording is trending to record lectures, business meetings, video streaming or online calls or sessions, etc. Multiple apps that are mentioned above have different features and formats to ease your recording work. I hope that the above information regarding screen recording on Mac is pretty fruitful for you. Do let us share your views about the article in the comment box.

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